Chapter 33🌹

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I dropped Brittany off at Auntie lee house so I can go pick up the cake for Brittany surprise party. Brittany think I forgot about her birthday so she been having a attitude with me all day. I'll ask her something and she'll reply dry and she haven't been talking to me like she usually do.

I walked to the store and got the cake and as I was walking out I saw Ray walking in with a little girl.. I tried to avoid him but he grabbed my arm.

"You good?" He asked.


"So you wasn't gone speak to me?"

I sighed, "heeeey Ray."

He laughed.

"This my daughter Raigan, Raigan this is my friend Brianna." He said.

"Hiii Raigan your so pretty!"

"You are too!" She said while hugging me.

"She friendly." Ray said.

I laughed, "How old is she?"


"I know you bringing Taylor to Brit surprise party bring Raigan too."

"Ight bet."

I smiled and started walking off.

"Aye Bri!" Ray said.

I turned around.

"I still can't get yo number?"

I walked over to him and he gave me his phone.

"Here." I said while handing him his phone back.

I got in the car and pulled off.

Incoming call from "Baby daddy👶🏽"

Phone call:

"Hello." I said.

"Wassup baby.. you gone come get me?" He said.

"First.. I'm not yo baby.. second What's wrong with yo damn car?"

"I had to take it to the shop yesterday."

"What about the other 2 cars?"

"Brianna can you just come get me.. pleaseeeeee I wanna ride with you."

"Mhm.. ok"

"Thank you! I love y-"

I hung up the phone.


I drove to cam house and got out and knocked on the door.

The door opened and Laniah was standing there mugging me. She had a bruise on her face and a busted lip.

Oop Cam mama wasn't playing

"Why you here?" She said.

"I'm coming to get my baby daddy." I said while letting myself in.


Cam jogged down the stairs.

"You ready."

"Yeah" he said.

"I'll be back." He said while blowing a kiss to Laniah causing me to roll my eyes.

We got in the car and I pulled off and finished shopping for Brit birthday party.

4 hours later..

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