Chapter 23🌹

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Nique got out the hospital the other day and Chris is taking her to Hawaii for 2 weeks so they can relax and try to clear their mind. I'm going to miss her so much I'm gone have to stay in the house with Cam ugly ass for 2 weeks. The people who doing Brit room said that they should be done painting tomorrow and we have to let it dry for 2-3 days.

Me and Cam got in the car and drove to Taylor house. We pulled up and I got out the car and walked to the door. When I knocked a boy came to the door I looked back and Cam was staring hard as hell causing me to laugh.

"Whatcha laughing at?" He said.

"Nun, where Brittany?"

"Why? Who you?"

"Nigga.. I'm her sister."

"Mmhm you don't look like Maggie."

"Cause I ain't Maggie, I'm her biological sister."

"Mhm. Mama!" He yelled.

Taylor mom came to the door.

"Ohh heeey Brianna!" She said while hugging me.

"Hey Ms.benjamin."

"Girl I told you to call me Tamaya"

I laughed.

"Ray are you giving her problems." She said while hitting him upside the head.

"Nah ma, she said she Brittany biological sister." He replied.

Tamaya pulled me in the house and I sat on the couch.

"She is her biological sister I told you I was helping her find some of her family members." Tamaya said.

"Oh, well wassup I'm Ray." He said while holding his hand out.

"I'm Brianna."

Tamaya went upstairs to get Brittany and Ray sat next to me.

"How old you is?" He said while smiling at me.

"Nigga.. too old for you."

"You can't be that old."

"I'm 22."

"So am I."

"Lie again."

"I'm dead ass, wanna see my birth certificate."

Somebody knocked on the door and Ray got up and opened it.

"Where Brianna at?" He said.

"I'm right here mr.nosey ass!"

Cam let his self all the way in.

"Shut up it was hot in the car"


Brit came down the stairs and ran straight to Cam.

"Well damn I guess it's fuck me." I said.

We all laughed.

Tamaya and Taylor came down the stairs.

"We have another visitor?" Tamaya said.

"Oh Tamaya this is my boyfriend.. Cameron."

"Hey Cameron I'm Tamaya, Taylor mom." She said while shaking his hand.

"Nice to meet you."

"We bout to head out, I'll see you later." I said.

"Ok, we going to the beach Tuesday y'all should join us."

I looked at Ray and he licked his lips.

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