Chapter 12🌹

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       The next day..

Last night when we brought Bri home she didn't really talk to nobody. We asked her was she hungry she said no and she haven't ate nun all day today. We're moving into a different house to keep Bri and Nique safe. Once we move and get settled Me,Chris,Dj,and Ant gone go after Demond and Cj. Chris and Nique went to go look for a house while me and Bri stayed at the house. Brianna hasn't looked at me not once or turned her head towards my way. I should of known something was wrong with her when she first came home that night and sat her phone up a type of way then let me kiss her but hurried up and pushed me away.

I watched Brianna as she deleted every picture with her and Demond or her and Cj. Her eyes widened and she got up and got the scissors off the dresser and cut her arm.

"BRIANNA! What the hell are you doing!" I yelled while grabbing the scissors out her hands.

She continued to look down at her arm and she sighed then put her finger inside the cut womb and pulled out a chip. She went in the bathroom and flushed it down the toilet. She left out the room and came back with needle and thread.

"Stitch my arm up." She said softly while looking down.

"I can't do that."

I never stitched somebody up before. I mean that shit is painful I remember from when Nique stitched me and Bri arm up.

"Just try and fucking do it." She said while grabbing a towel and handing it to me but she still didn't look at me.

I sighed as we both sat down on the floor and she closed her eyes. I started to sew up her up and she squeezed her eyes tighter and tighter until I was done. I looked at her and she got up and walked off then looked at her arm.

"Thanks." She said dryly before going to get in the shower.

I went downstairs and made her some dinner since she haven't eaten all day. We really don't have shit in here cause nobody never cooks so I'll just have to work with what we got.


I got out the shower and put some clothes on. I looked at my hair and threw it into a ponytail. My hair was back black now.. Demond made me dye it back black. I didn't care tho I'm still cute. I haven't been in the mood to talk to anyone yet. Like they'll ask me a question and I'll respond with a simple word. I can't look at Cam bitch ass and I don't talk to him. I only said some to him today cause I needed my arm stitched up and I couldn't do it with one hand.

I walked out the bathroom and sat on the bed and scrolled down Instagram. Earlier I deleted all the pictures off Instagram and out my gallery with me and Demond and me and Cj. The only thing that been going through my mind is me killing Cj and Demond.

The door opened and I knew it was Cam so I continued to look at my phone.

"Here." He said while sitting the plate on my lap. 

Oh my god this look good but I don't feel like eating and what if he poisoned this.

I put the plate on the side of me and Cam pushed my head.

"Eat the damn food."

I don't want to look at him because I know I'll end up forgiving him too quick and after what he did I don't want to forgive him too fast. I'm mad at the fact that he didn't tell Chris I needed help that's all I asked him to do and I ended up being half dead. I don't even know how I got to the damn hospital.

I continued to look at my phone. Cam grabbed a waffle and opened my mouth and shoved it in.

"You haven't ate nun all day." He said.

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