Chapter 6🌹

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I woke up on top of Cam body.

What the hell..

I notice I was in my bra and panties. I sat up and got off him.

"Look who finally woke up." Cam said.

I looked at him and rolled my eyes.

"You know we had sex last night right."

I bucked my eyes at him.

"Why you think you was in top of me." He said while sitting up.

"You lying, you still had your pants on."

"I put them back on when we was done." He said while smiling.

My mouth dropped.

"I mean your the one who started to kissing on me." He said while rubbing my thighs.

I moved his hand and started punching him.

"You should of told me to stop!" I said between each punch.

He pulled me on top of him and put his hands on my ass. "I did, I told you more then once but you kept going and we ended up fucking by the way you might need to get a pregnancy test."

"CAM!" I punched him in his face.

"I was just playing damn." He said while rubbing his face.

"You play too much." I said while trying to get up.

Cam pulled me back on him and put his hands on my ass. I moved his hands.

"Want to know everything that happened last night." Cam asked.


After cam told me everything that happened I was mad. I wasn't mad at him but I was mad at.. actually I don't know all I know is that I was mad. Cam kept laughing at me and messing with me.

"Move! I need to wash my face and brush my teeth since I kissed you." I said.

Cam looked at me like I was dumb.

"You trying me like I got some type of disease." He said.

"Shiiiid you probably do you will fuck any living thing."

"Imma beat yo ass." He said while pushing me.

"You can't get mad cause it's true."

"It's not true."

"Whatever all I know is you go whipping yo dick out for any fine girl then fuck her and leave." I said while walking to the bathroom.

I took a shower and threw some clothes on. I went downstairs and went in the kitchen and poured me some cereal. Nique came down the stairs with only a robe on.

"Wassup lil Cam!" She said.

I looked at her and rolled my eyes while eating my cereal.

She laughed, "did he tell you about the date?"

"Hell yeah and Ian going."


"Nique Ian going no where with him by myself you saw how I was last night I'm not trynna end up like that again."

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