I Do? Don't I? - Chapter 27

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Flora p.o.v

I toss and turn for 10 minutes, but the light is already coming through the curtains, it's going to be a blistering day, but then I suppose a lovely day for a beach wedding. 

A beach wedding. 


I steady my nervy breathing as I look at the clock. 5:43am. I dont have to be up yet? the alarm was set for 7. Why the hell am I up then!? I've barely slept all night, so I suppose I may aswell get a head start on the day, or go and make a cup of tea and try and relax a little atleast, I also feel stupidly sick like nervous sick times 5. 

I watch Darcy snuggled up in Harry's half of the bed, in her slumber peacefully, I grab one of Harry's stray hoodies pulling it on, not that I need it even this early in the morning, I catch myself in the mirror, and sigh, massive dark circles, it's a good job Louise is coming to do my make-up, she's a miracle worker with a foundation brush.

I put the kettle on sleepily, looking around the kitchen, next time I'm here I'll be married, and hopefully nice and tanned off honeymoon, It's weird how weddings are such a big thing, I mean surely it's putting a name.. and a ring at that, on something we already have. 

I feel my stomach flip as I rush to the toilet, I sit back dizzily, surely it's not just nerves, I mean I don't get THAT nervous, I'm only marrying the boy I love after all. 

I try and forget about the incident, hoping a cup of tea will calm my stomach. I also wish I wasnt up at this time maybe it's lack of sleep, I crash out on the sofa and wake up to my phone buzzing, I answer smiling. 

"Morning" He says. 

"Why are you calling me Harry!? we're not meant to talk!" I say but I can't help giggling sleepily.

"Did I wake you?" He asks. 

"Nope, I've been up since quarter to 6 pretty much" I say yawning. 

"Oh you beat me, how are the nerves?" He asks. 

"Not great, you?" I say. 

"I'm okay, I can't wait to see you!" He says. 

"Harry it's only-" I start but I'm cut off as Lauren comes in, Pippa perched on her hip. 

"FLORA! you better not be talking to who I think you are" She says putting Pippa down. 

"Harry I gotta go!" I say urgently standing up and dancing out of Lauren's way. 

"See you at the altar!" He says. 

"I'll be the one in white!" I laugh as I hang up.

"There'll be no more of that!" Says Lauren grabbing my phone from my hand. I frown at her, then I realise she's looking at me. 

"Flora, are you feeling okay?" She asks. 

"Yeah.. I just didnt get much sleep last night" I mumble. 

"It's okay, we'll sort you out" She says sighing. 

"You need to eat first!" She says adressing me. 

"No, I can't stomach that.." I mutter. 

"Why!? do you feel sick?" She asks. 

"Yeah it's just nerves" I mutter, she frowns at me heading into the kitchen. 

By half 9 the house is full off bidesmaids and hair dressers and Louise and her tea, and my mum and Harry's mum and two very over exited little girls, literally the whole world and his wife.. or maybe just the wife and her friends, there's no men here, apart from Christian he'll be here with the dress in a matter of minutes.

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