I Do? Don't I? - Chapter 24

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Harry p.o.v

"I'll see you later, babe" I say to Flora, I can hear Louis beeping his horn outside our house, waiting for me, i'm reluctant to go, but I suppose it's obligotary seeing as it's my own stag night. 

"Harry, you don't have to come back tonight! it's your stag, stay out all night.. I dare you" Laughs Flora, taking Darcy from where she's clinging to me. 

"Nope! I'll be back love" I Say kissing her on the cheek. 

"Okay" She loves nudging me out of the door, and standing in the doorway, I wave as I get in the car and am greeted by Niall grabbing me and squeezing me, his breath smells like he's been drinking already and I mean.. he is acting like it. 

"On the beer are we irishman?" I ask, He nods grinning. 

"Well.. I hope you're not drinking yet?" I say poking my head through the gap in the front seats and nodding at Zayn as I look to Louis. 

"Dude please, I'm a responsible driver, we're going to mine first,to meet a few of the other guys and because Lauren and the kids are out, then we're off to Soho yes?" He grins rubbing his hands together in glee as we stop at the traffic lights. 

"Okay..." I say sitting back into my seat wondering what they have planned, we soon arrive and Lou's where there are an assortment of cars parked in the driveway and outside his path, I recognise Grimmie's car, and Ed's aswell as Tom Atkin's and a couple of others including my cousin's Matt and Ben Selley. 

I get out of the car and follow my enthusiastic bandmates to the door, as I get in the kitchen is filled with my male friend's all wearing white t-shirts and I realise the boys are too as they take of their jackets, they all read "Styles' Stag" And there's a picture of me underneath the writing with a reindeer headband on last christmas. 

"I didn't even know you still had that photo!?" I say shaking my head but laughing anyway. 

"Hell yes, want a drink?" Asks Louis. 

"Err... no I'm not drinking" I say with a hint of a smirk. Most of the guys look at me in astonishment, then they all cotton on and I hear a few chuckles. 

"Are you pregnant!?" Laughs Louis handing me a beer, he's obviously pacing himself, and everyone else aswell. 

"Yes.. obviously" I roll my eyes. 

"Congratulations!" He laughs downing the rest of his beer and going off to talk to Ed. 

We end up spending a little longer than planned at Louis' house "warming up" as he called it, long enough that Lauren has returned home from her mum and dads with the kids. 

"Hey Harry, wait.. what?" She says as she catches sight of about 15 fully grown guys crowded into her kitchen and dining room. 

"Well.. we're a bit late leaving" I say wincing because she sounds angry, luckily she bites the bullet and walks past me, Louis is already on the drunk finger point pictures.

I hear Lauren moaning at Louis to get everyone out because Tyger's asleep and Pippa needs her dinner, he obliges and calls for taxi's and we're soon squashed in the back of them and on our way to the first club. 

As we arrive, we pile out into the sticky august air, I look up and see the club is called "courtyard" I look at Louis. 

"Iv'e never been here before" I say. 

"Dude, trust me, it's amazing" He says. I can here the music blaring out, which is unusual, I survey the queue and frown as if we have to stand in that. 

"Niall!" I hear Louis shout over his shoulder. 

"What?" I hear him reply. 

"Do you have the V.I.P pass?" he asks as we approach the bouncers at the door. 

"Sure do buddy" He says handing it to the bouncer as we're let through the doors luckily just in time before some paps round the corner, as the people in the queue try their best to get in pictures. 

I suddenly realise why the music is so loud as we walk the corridor and emerge into a huge courtyard full of people but if you look up you can see the night sky and feel the air, which I suppose is why Lou chose this club because it's so hot tonight. 

"This is great" I say in aprooval as we get drinks and go over to the v.i.p section, even that is already packed out. 

"I know, used my buisness contacts to get this pass didn't I" He grins. 

"Lou, you have no buisness contacts?" I frown following him to some tables under a really cool neon tree that that looks real too. 

"Oh Harry, all you ever see is my poker face" he says as he taps his nose, I sigh and mumble something along the lines of "stop talking shit" and take my seat around the tables next to Grimmy. 

Just as a bar girl.. in little more than a skimpy neon bikini comes over with a tray of shots. 

"Put your eyes back in Niall" I hear Zayn laugh as Niall watches the girl's bum as she walks away, he looks away embarassed and probably worried in case anyone mentions it to Paige. 

"Remember! what happens on stag, stays on stag" Says Louis looking at us all as we nod. 

"What are these?" I shout above the music to whoever may know as I sniff it, it smells strong. Liam obviously takes too bigger whiff and leans away coughing. 

"WHO CARES" shouts Grimmy downing his as we all race not to be the last one. I must say it wasnt very nice at all and made me instantly dizzy for a second or two after finishing. 

"Maybe you're meant to drink them slowly?" Says Liam. 

"Lads we don't have time for that!" Says Louis getting another one and counting us in.

"What do we order next!?" Louis is on it exitedly. 

"Bacardi 151!" Exclaims Zayn.

"That's Harry's favourite!" exclaims Grimmy devilishly. 

"No,no,no! I tried that once it didn't end well" I say shrinking back in my seat. 

"Don't be a pussy!" Says Louis. 

"Fine!" I say waiting tensely as Louis comes back from the bar. I hate this stuff so much, the colours not even nice. 

This is going to end up messy. I think as I eye the first shot warily. 

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