I Do? Don't I? (Sequel To It's Complicated)

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Flora p.o.v

I look at Harry in the mirrored lift, he's standing across from me, his top 3 shirt buttons undone, revealing his tanned chest, I bite my lip, he looks good, like really good, I still haven't got over how so very attractive he is even though we've been together over 3 years. 

Suddenly I can't take it anymore as I feel him touch the back of my neck, it sends goosebumps down it, I feel his hand on my uncovered hip, I'm wearing a blue dress which is cut out on the hips and has a cute little puffy skirt.

Just as I'm about to turn around and give him what he's undoubtedly asking for the lift pings and the door flings open blowing chilly evening air in and around us. It blows my skirt up revealing my lacey red knickers, I pull my dress down quickly, it's nothing Harry hasn't seen before, but embarrasing all the same. 

"I like those one's" He notes appreciatevly. I sigh and step out onto the empty veiwing platform. 

I draw breath, well it's Beautiful up here, even though the altitudal wind is freezing, we're at the top of the Empire State Building, me and Harry have been on holiday here in NY for a week, we haven't had a holiday just us two since the kids were borna nd Lauren and Lou insisted on looking after them. So Harry insisted we must come up here. 

I walk over to the railings, feeling all of a sudden edgy in my heels. Harry's hands are on my waist within a few seconds. 

"Wow" I breathe. The veiwing platform is empty apart from us, I can see everyone in the resteurant through the huge glass windows on the other side. 

"Quite somethig isn't it, especially at night" He murmurs. 

"Tell me about it" I whisper back, I don't know why we're being quiet, no-one can hear us up here, the traffic noise is just an incredibly muffled din far below. 

I want to keep gazing out into the distance but Harry pulls me around and pushes me back so my bum is against the railing he presses his lips to mine. I try and push him away feeling scared to death as I'm not facing the outside I'm totally in his grip.

Finally he moves away.

"I was waiting to do that" He grins.

"You scared me" I murmur still hanging onto his neck. 

"Sorry,love" He says turning our situation round, and then he does something I'm not expecting, at all. He drops down on one knee, so for once he's shorter than me, digs his hand in his pocket producing a box, small and blue with careful gold edging, I freeze, he opens it revealing a brilliantly shiny silver ring, with a blue stone, it's pretty big. He takes a deep breath and hesitates.

"Flora Dorothy Rose Hook, Will you marry me?" He asks, looking up at me through his eyelashes, biting his lip. 

"Yes..." I whisper in shock. 

"I'm not trying to push you int-" He starts but I cut him off with a squeal. 

"Yes! YES! of course I will, I was just so in shock, I mean oh my god!" I say wrapping my arms around his neck standing on tip toes to give him an unexpected snog. 

"Well if that's the answer, you should probably put it on" He says gently, holding my shaking hand in his and sliding the ring on, it fits perfectly. 

"It matches your dress" He says appreaciatively. 

"It's so beautiful, is it a Saphire?" I ask. 

"Nope, it's a blue diamond" He says proudly. 

"I've never heard of one of those" I say in awe. 

"Because they're incredibly rare" He murmurs placing his fingers between mine. 

"It must have cost a bomb" I whisper. 

"Don't remind me, I hope you're not expecting a wedding yet" He laughs, I know he's joking after all, he earns enough. 

We end up locking out other hand together too,as we both look at the ring, well if he's not, I certainly am. 

"We fit" He says quietly. 

"We fit perfectly" I say looking at our fingers this time.

It's so beautiful up here, right now, home seems so far away but no matter how much I love it here, it's not the same without two little people. 

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