I Do? Don't I? - Chapter 18

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Harry p.o.v

I pick up the brown box, barely heavier than when it was empty and place it in the boot. I look in, today is Lauren and Lou's anniversary and me and as a present from me,Flora and the kids we've bought them two pug puppies because Lauren's always saying how much she loves pugs. 

They're so much smaller than I'd thought, basically just tiny cream and brown balls of fluff all cute and snuffly, they settle now they're not being carried and curl up next to one another. 

"Dad! why can't we hold them in the car?" Asks Darcy from her car seat. 

"Because we don't want them to get upset. plus they're not your doggies are they?" I say giving them one last stroke gently with my finger and shutting the boot then getting in the driving seat next to Flora.

"Daddy they're crying!" Exclaims Darcy. 

"They're okay" I say even though I can hear both of them whimpering slightly. 

"They not Dad! can we cuddle dem?" Asks Dylan. 

"No!  we'll be there soon" I say a little bit more harshly than I meant to. I hear Flora stifle a giggle.

"What?!" I demand. 

"You should have a back up career as a dog trainer or something" She says. 

"No, I'd rather be a midwife" I mutter laughing, and remembering when that prank got played on me and Niall and Liam. 

"Oh dear" She says shaking her head.

Despite constant whimpers from the puppies and moans from the kids we get to Lauren and Louis' they've invited us all round for lunch and are going out together alone later. 

We get out and Flora goes to the door with the kids and a bottle of champagne and some chocolate with a ribbon round it.. basically a decoy. 

I stand around the corner holding the box with one arm using the other to comfort the little balls of fluff as one chews my finger appreciatively.

"Hey! Where's Harry?" I hear Lauren say, as she invites them in. 

"He'll be here soon" I hear Flora say with total calmness, I can hear the kids giggling though. 

"Oh okay" I hear Lauren's voice fade as the door shuts, then I take that as my cue, I walk to the door and knock three times, then I hold the large box in a position so it covers my face and chest. 

"Hello.. Harry is that you?" I hear Lauren. 

"Delivery" I say, but I can;t stop myself from laughing. 

"What's in the box?" She asks as I peer around it to see her holding Pippa.

"Er nothing" Butr it's too late, I'm cut off by a quick yap from inside the box. I see Flora come up behind her. 

"No way!" Says Lauren taking the box from me and placing it on the floor with exitement. 

"UPPIES!" Exclaims Pippa reaching into the box.

"Hey what's going on?" Asks Louis coming into the kitchen, he stops and looks in the box. 

"What!? You bought us dogs!?" He says looking at Flora. 

"Er yep" She says, as we watch Lauren and the kids coo over the puppies, Lauren picks one up and hugs it to her chest standing up to join in the conversation. 

"These are so cute!" She says holding it up near her face and making noises at it. 

"See, why did we need another baby, all you wanted was something small to cuddle" Points out Louis. 

"The more the merrier" says Lauren offering the puppy to Louis, he takes it tactfully but is soon under their spell too. 

I soon get passed a dog and it wags it's tiny tail jumping up at me scrabbling at my shirt where we're all sitting on the sofa's. 

"I still don't know about them" Says Louis eyeing my current friend up, I laugh picking it up. 

"Oh please daddy, we'll be so very good for you, mummy luffs us, woof woof, snuffle,snuffle" I say picking it up and making little gestures at him with the puppies paws and little squashy face. He looks at me laughing. 

"Okay! okay" He says taking it from me and letting it chew his fingers.

"I think we need a trip to pets at home.." Says Lauren. 

"Agreed" laughs Flora. 

"Are they boys?" Asks Lauren. 

"Yeah I think so.." I answer.

"What dey called?" Asks Pippa from the floor where her and darcy have the other puppy wrapped up and surprisingly asleep in one of her dolls blankets. Lauren and Louis look at us. 

"They haven't been named yet" Flora says. 

"Princess and Angel!" Exclaims Darcy. 

"No! Ben and Spike!" Says Dylan. 

"Cupcake and Fairy Dust?" Suggests Pippa hopefully. 

"Hm, what about Simon and Paul?" Says Louis laughing.

"No! they need cute, but not too girly names" Says Lauren. 

"Batman and Robin" I say. 

"Hugh Grant and Colin Firth!" Says Flora. 

"No way are our puppies having second names" Says Louis. We don;t have a chance to suggest anymore before we realise Pippa's gone somewhere, she comes back after we've continued the name discussion. 

"I'd rather have a bowl of coco pops!" She sings happily stirring her bowl of what must be coco pops. 

"COCO AND POP!" She suddenly says after gazing thoughtfully into her bowl. 

"Yes Pips.. coco pops!" Says Louis.

"No! WOOF WOOF, coco and pop!" She says pointing at the puppies Flora and Darcy are holding. 

"Yes! Perfect" Says Louis. 

"Hey coco!" Says Flora touching his little wet nose as he licks her fingers. 

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