I Do? Don't I? - Chapter 8

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Harry p.o.v

"We'll pick them up tommorow morning" Flora says to John where he has a twin under each arm. Joey is kicking a football as it bounces off the wall and back to him, he's now eight, and honestly it makes me feel old, that he was just 5 when the kids were born. 

We're off to Lauren and Louis' for dinner with the others,it should be good because we rarely have a chance to all interact as adults without toddlers knocking about. 

The fact that there's only six months until the wedding.. well 5 months and 2 weeks is terrifying. And it's all systems go on Flora's part.

I personally hate Flora's Fiat 500, it's tiny and my legs are too long, and she's had it over three years, I keep asking if I can buy her a new car, one day I'm just gonna buy one without even asking her. But since I want to drink and Flora offered to drive I can accept it. 

It's about a 10 minute drive from Flora's parents house to Lauren and Louis', as we approach the door something smells nice, I don't know whose cooking, I'd assume Lauren as when me and Lou lived together he would live off cereal if I didn't cook or wasn't there.

"God take your time, you're the last one's here" Louis says. 

"Sorry, we had to take the kids to my parents" Flora says as we step in taking off our jackets and passing them to Lou.

I follow Flora through to the living room where everyone is. I take a couple of prawns from the bowl on the side, I don't really like prawns but what the hell, I'm hungry.

I eat atleast 5 before I realise the taste they leave in my mouth. 

"Ugh they're disgusting!" I say, I've already swallowed though so there's nothing to spit out. It seems I've interuppted the conversation. 

Niall passes me a beer. 

"What did you eat?" Asks Louis. 

"Those prawns.." I say, Louis picks up the bowl and smells them, he visibly gags. 

"Ughhh, you're right they must be off" he says, going into the kitchen and chucking them in the bin.

"How many did you eat?" Alice asks. 

"Emm about 5?" I say. 

"Well lets hope you don't get ill" Says Flora. I raise my eyebrows, I hope so too. 

Soon we're all sitting at the table, I have to say the food is pretty good, despite Louis' boastfulness I think Lauren cooked most of it, he added the 'finishing touches' as he calls them. 

"So... how long now?" Paige asks Lauren. 

"Emm 2 months.." Says Lauren patting her now sizeable bump. 

"Aw, it's so exiting!" Says Alice. 

"What are you gonna call him?" Asks Juliette. Lauren looks at Louis. 

"We were thinking Tyger!" Says Louis. 

"Awhh" say Juliette,Alice,Paige and even Flora all in unison. 

"It's cute right?" Says Lauren, All the girls nod. 

"Don't you guys want kids?" Asks Lauren. To everyone else. 

"I don't know I guess it hasn't been long for us" Says Alice, her eyes flicking to Liam. 

"Same with us" Says Niall visibly squeezing Paige's hand. 

"Awh well I doubt it'll be long" Laughs Lauren. 

"We do.. but not yet" Says Juliette, Zayn nods in agreement. 

"How about you two, got any on the cards?" Smirks Louis. Looking at me and Flora, we both must look pretty startled. 

"No.. " Says Flora.

"Oh..?" I say, I want another child atleast, but I guess she's the one who'll be pregnant not me. 

"You sure Flora?" Asks Niall laughing and looking at her glass of lemonade. Paige elbows him.

"Yeah shotgun wedding and everything?" Laughs Louis.

"Yes i'm sure! oh my god why does everyone think that" She huffs. I know she's touchy.. because that wedding guy assumed when she said she wasn't drinking and she thinks she's fat. 

"Sorry.. we were only joking" Shrugs Louis. 

"As always" she sighs smiling anyway. 

"But seriously, don't you miss the whole baby side of things? I know I would..." Asks Lauren.

"Yeah.. I suppose, and when I'm not with the kids, I miss them like mad" She says. 

"Like when you cried in New York.." I say. 

"Shutup!" She elbows me. 

"Look at Harry though, he wants more kids, he's all broody and paternal" Points out Zayn. 

"No I'm not!" I say getting all defensive. 

"Pshhh alright Curly" Says Louis. 

"Alright, leave them be, they'll have kids if they want them, what are you anyway a life choices counsellor?" Says Lauren, that shuts Louis up.

We finish dinner and I have to say it was pretty good, we bid goodbye to Lauren and Louis and step out into the cold evening. I pull Flora closer to me as we walk to the car. 

"Are you broody?" She asks me. 

"I don't know.. I mean I like baby's and I love our children, but obviously I'm at work alot, you're in charge of child care for the most part, how about you?" I ask. 

"I don't know.. I suppose so.." She shrugs as if it means nothing to her but I know it does, and she's thinking about it, deep, like she does everything. 

"Do you want a baby.. that's not an accident? one we're prepared for?" I ask. 

"No... I mean yes in the future, one maybe even two.. or more!" She laughs. 

"But not yet.. after the wedding, who knows?" She says kissing me lightly on the lips before we get in the car. 

"I'm happy with that if you are" I whisper in the dark before she starts the engine.

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