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I Do? Don't I? - Chapter 17

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Flora p.o.v

"HARRY!?" I shout down the stairs. 

"YES!?" Comes his reply.

"Come and tell me what shoes you like?" I say loweing my tone now he's tuned in,I hear him sigh. 

"Sure! I'm coming, but only if we can get a chinese" He says as I hear him start up the stairs. 

"Yes, we can have a chinese" I say giving in straight away seeing as I'm starving and the kids already ate and are asleep so I can't be bothered to cook. 

He enters the room a few seconds later. 

"Right so, I need some shoes to wear the day of the wedding and you have to help me" I say turning the laptop round. 

"Okay, well I don't mind which one's as long as they don't make you taller than me.. but I suppose there;s no danger of that really is there?" He laughs.

"Oi! cheeky I was thinking six inches.." I say flicking his ear but grinning anyway.

"But oh hold up, you're 5"3 normally and add even 6  inch heels onto that and you're still only an ickle 5 ft 9" and I'm what 6"1? Unlucky" I laugh. 

"Oh stuff you" I say scrolling down all the gorgeous shoes on the Chrisitan Loboutin website.

"Sorry short ass Flo" He says. 

"You're useless okay, I don't know why I asked you to come help" I mutter. 

"Sorry, okay.. well I like those ones" He says wrapping his arms around my waist and pointing at a pair of black stiletto's with silver studs and chains which are amazing but not exactly what i'm looking for.

"I rest my case, you're useless" I sigh. 

"What!? I like them, they're sexy.." He says. 

"Yes and entirely innapropriate to get married in" I roll my eyes. 

"Well.. can we get those too? and you can wear them for me?" He says cheekily. 

"No-" I start but he cuts me off. 

"What size feet are you!?" He says grabbing one of my vans off my feet. 

"Five, brilliant" He says chucking my shoe back at me and clicking on the shoes, selecting the right, size and adding them to the basket before I have a chance to get my shoe back on and protest. 

"Awh baby you even have short ass feet" He says. 

"Piss off" I mutter. 

"Sorry" He says letting me have control again as I continue to scroll. I suddenly stop on a pair, they're absolutely gorgeous studded all over completely with white crystal's, I think I can just bout manage the six inch heel. 

"Wow" I say. 

"You like them?" He says. 

"They're beautiful" I say. 

"I like them too" He says. 

"Really? well I suppose that's settled then" I laugh. 

"Definitely, can we get a chinese now?" He asks as I finish the checkout bit. I laugh knowing he only said he liked them probably because he was hungry.

"Yes.. we can but you can order and stuff.. I'm going to have a bath" I say patting his cheek and giving him a quick kiss before I head into the bathroom. 

I run the bath so it's steamy hot and bubbly and am about to step into it when I hear Harry's voice at the door. 

"I'm ordering what do you want?" He asks.

"Ugh I don't know, I'll have whatever you're having" I mutter. 

"Great, I hope you're hungry" He says and I hear him leave the room. I roll my eyes settling into the bath and sighing happily, I barely get peace these days. 

By the time I get out the food is here, I look at it. 

"Why did you get so much?" I say raising my eyebrows. 

"I was really hungry so I ordered two of everything because you wanted the same as me" He shrugs helplessly, grinning at me. 

"Strange child" I mutter. 

We manage to get through most of the food, but for the first time in a couple of hours I had been able to forget about the stress of the wedding. 

"Hey.. I forgot to ask, how long until the wedding?" Harry suddenly asks. 

"Em you should know" I say. 

"Well I don't, so enlighten me please?" He asks. 

"Three months" I sigh. 

"Shit! we're halfway there already?" He asks. 

"It's would seem so" I nod, flicking through the channels. 

"Ooooh Don't Tell The Bride is on" I say.

"I think that's a good idea.. maybe we should do that?" He says. 

"In your dreams Harry, in your dreams" I laugh. 

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