I Do? Don't I? - Chapter 6

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Harry p.o.v

"Can we have ice cream!?" Dylan asks. 

"Yes, sure you can, when we get there, but until then, enjoy the car journey" I say. 

"I hate cars" Says Darcy huffily. 

"Good girl Darcy, cars are rubbish aren't they?" Says Flora. 

"Yeah, they only good if they pink" She says. 

"Ewwww pink smells, pink is for girls" Says Dylan. 

"Hey Dylan! pink is a great colour" I insist, Flora laughs. what? I own a pink polo shirt, and what?

I wind the windows down and let the warm breeze enter the car, it's a remarkably hot day for March. So we're en route to Brighton Beach. 

The kids hate car journey's, but I suppose that's normal, and it's not far now. 

We finally arrive and the usual exitement has set in, we don't often go to the beach in england, if we do go it'll be somewhere abroad. 

"Darcy Hurry Up!" Exclaims Dylan. 

"I need my bucket,spade!" Says Darcy. I pass her her pink disney themed bucket and spade and she takes off after dylan on the track to the beach. I take Flora's hand as we walk down. 

"It's beautiful" She says, the sea is a bright blue, and of course it's not blisteringly hot, impossible for March but it's still really nice.

We're walking down a big hill and there's row after row of beach huts, the pier to one side far off in the distance and then a couple of beach bays down a huge house, over looking the beach.

"I'd love to live there" Flora notes. 

"Ditto, we should go look later" I say, She nods , we stop dawdling and walk, Darcy and Dylan don't like to hang around. 

We arrive on a pretty empty beach, the tide is way out and Darcy is already on her way to building a sand castle, Dylan is in the sea, splashing about, his little blue shorts are already soaked, and his top is discarded with his flip-flops half way up, it's not a a really hot day and the sea looks freezing. 

I put all the stuff on the floor a few feet away from Darcy and  go and sit with her, not bothering that my pink denim shorts will be getting completely sandy.

"What you making?" I ask as she puts another sandcastle next to the two she's already done. 

"Sandy palace!" She exclaims. Hitting the sand with her spade. 

"You gonna live in it?" I ask. 

"Yep, me and you, and dada and Dyl if he take his shoes of first. And Lauren and Lou-Lou and Pips and the baby, that in Lauren's tummy, when it born" She says happily.

"Sounds great" I say patting her soft curls. I watch her face in utter concentration for a but, tounge sticking out as she builds a ring of sandcastles around me and her. I look up and see Dylan bombing towards us, Harry just behind him. 

Harry manages to grab him just before he runs into Darcy's carefully placed sand castles, he struggles under Harry's bicep, but he has no chance in his grip. 

"Darcyyyy can I come in!?" He asks. 

"No password, no entrance!" Says Darcy folding her little arms.

"Okay. Emm Manchester United!" He says with enthusiasm as Harry puts him down. 

"Nope" Says Darcy smirking. 

"Darcy is... smelly?" He laughs. 

"Noooo!" She squeals. Harry leans down and whispers something into his ear,

"Daddy is ama- Hey! no. shutup daddy" He says. 

"What about... Darcy is..." He starts. Darcy raises her eyebrows. 

"Darcy is a princess!"  he exclaims, how tactical of him. 

"Yes!" come in. She says. 

"And you daddy!" She says. They both step in and Harry decides it would be a bright idea to sit on me. 

"Ouch!" I say as he plonks his bum down on my crossed legs.

"This is a really comfortable chair, where did you get it?" He says, I laugh. 

"It's an antique" I mutter putting my hands around his waist. He holds my hands as we watch the kids playing, in the end we swap positions.

We end up having a picnic inside Darcy's 'palace' because she insists. After the kids have had another play in the sea and are towelled down we decide to take a walk up to the big mysterious house. 

It's even more beautiful as we approach the door, there's a banner hanging. 

'Wedding bookings available, includes private beach' I read it and then look at Harry. 

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" I ask. 

"Yeah.. I wanna get married here!" He says pulling me towards the door.

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