I Do? Don't I? - Chapter 22

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Harry p.o.v

 We wave goodbye to Lauren, Lou,Pippa and littleTyger,as they pull out of our driveway and leave for two weeks holiday in Marbella (which Im insanely jealous of) and then they'll be back two weeks before the wedding for final preperations.

So this leaves us with two very exitable children and two very exitable, not to mention yappy dogs.

Me and Flora are official dog sitters now, which I suppose is fair enough seeing as we bought the dogs for them and they are still very cute.

"Dad! Coco wants his basket!" Shouts Dylan from the living room. 

"Okay, I've got it" I shout back picking up the big wicker basket that the puppies supposedly sleep in which I disbeleive very much seeing as every time we go to Lou's house they're sleeping on the sofa or anywhere else apart from their basket. 

I put it on the floor and Dylan actually climbs in it whilst holding the puppy. 

"Dylan, you'll get fur all over you, mummy won't be happy" I say in a sing song voice, he shrugs it off playing a game of tug with coco. 

I hear a yap.. or maybe a yowl coming from upstairs where Darcy is... with the other dog. 

"Darcy! what are you doing?!" I yell taking the stairs two at a time. 

"Me and Poppy are playing a game, it's fun!" She says as the dog yaps, then to my astonishment Darcy barks back and the puppy stops and then barks at her they do this exchange for about 3 minutes until I give up deciding that neither Pop or Darcy are doing each other any harm and leave them to it.

I look at the clock, it's only five but Flora should be back from the gym soon. I settle on the sofa watching Dylan playing with Coco.

I end up watching spongebob, with Darcy and Pop under one arm and Dylan and Coco under the other just as Flora comes in. 

"Awh Hello guys" She says looking down at us as she takes off her shoes, she does a double take as she see's the dogs. 

Then she looks at me with astonishment, and also with the expression of a girl searching for an explanation. 

"Flora, Lauren's gone on holiday today.. we're dog sitters remember!?" I say. She frowns in concentration for a moment, her brown creasing in thought.

"Oh yeah! so we are.. sorry" She says shooting me a grin.

"Err it's fine.. you're getting forgetful though" I say, only half joking though. 

"Sorry.. I have alot on my mind" She mumbles going into the kitchen, I get up and follow her promptly. 

"Wanna share, I hope it's not bothering you?" I offer an invitation for her to tell me. 

"No! no, I mean it's nothing inparticular.. just tired out" She says frowning and putting a hand on her forehead, before turning around and opening the medicine draw.. looking for paracetomol I'd presume.

"Do you really need to drug yourself up then?" I ask running her a glass of water. She nods after taking the medicine and breathing a sigh of releif. 

"Well if you're sure you're okay" I mutter without feeling satisfied. 

"Of course I am" She says quickly before leaving the kitchen promplty, closing the dicussion. I shrug in confusion heading upstairs. Just as my phone rings. 

"Shit! Harry, I just found their leads under the seat in the car.. could you get some more please bro.. a dog can never have too many leads" Laughs Louis as soon as I answer. 

"Oh er okay" I say, I pull on my supra's and head downstairs. 

"Kids! Want a trip to pets at home?, Louis forgot to leave their leads" I say, Darcy and Dylan jump up in exitement scaring the dogs to death.

"Yeshhh!" They say in unison, bombing it into the hallway and pulling on their shoes. 

"How long will you be?" I hear Flora call from the kitchen. 

"Errr not long, about half an hour" I say. I don't hear a reply so I assume it's aprooval. 

We end up spending about an hour in pets at home, Because Darcy and Dylan can't decide on which one's they want, so we end up with pink sparkly.. and blue with bones on it. 

By the time we get home, have dinner and get the kids are in bed and asleep and me and Flora reassemble it's past half 10 and we both just collapse on the sofa, too tired to even chat. After a few minutes I manage to stop myself from falling asleep and I sit up leaning over Flora. 

"How was your day babe?" I ask, removing a bit of hair from her eyes. 

"Whirlwind.. yours?" She replies. 

"Same, and has that headache gone?" I place a hand on her forehead, she shrugs sitting up just as one of the puppies scrabbles up onto the sofa followed by the other one.

The both promptly curl up against Flora's hip, using each other as comfort. 

"Awh" She says stroking coco's silky ear with her fingers. 

"I think we should get one!" I say with a grin.. 

"Nah, too much hard work" She says. 

"Well... what about a baby, babies are good?" I offer. 

"Harry, we've been through this, Im not broody yet, okay" She says even though I can tell she's not sure about it at all. 

"Fine" I say wondering when she'll give in as I watch her cradle the tiny dogs.

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