I Do? Don't I? - Chapter 21

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Flora p.o.v

"Shhh Tyger!" I say picking him up and carrying him downstairs where Lauren is giving the kids.. and the dogs at that ,their dinner. 

I wince as she screams in my ear and I shush him, jiggling him gently as I go downstairs. 

The past couple of days I've spent most of the time at Lauren and Lou's house with her and helping her out, because the boys have had to go away on a weekend shoot, but they'll be back soon, Little Tyger's a week old now but gosh does he have a pair of lungs on him and a scream, a roar even, I think he's going to be a singer. 

I know I'm getting behind with the wedding but Lauren has so much to do, and Darcy and Dylan entertain pippa well enough by themselves so. 

"Is he hungry?" She asks. 

"Yeah I think so" I say as he continues to scream in my ear. 

"Swapsies?" She offers taking him from me and passing me the dog bowl full of food for me to put on the floor. I take it almost tripping over a yapping coco and pop who are scrabbling at my feet as I place it next to the water bowl. 

I step over the occupied puppies and go into the dining room where Pippa,Darcy and Dylan are eating macaroni cheese happily, having a heated debate about what film they're going to watch and it would seem Pippa and Darcy are currently in the lead with the vote of tangled. 

"Guys, I hate to burst your bubble but we're going home soon" I say. 

"No!" Says Darcy. 

"Yes! come on, we've been here all weekend, you can see Daddy before you go to bed aswell" I say. 

"Dad! Dad! Dad!" Says Dylan bashing his spoon against his bowl flicking macaroni on the table. 

"Will my dad be back soon?" Asks Pippa. 

"Soon? I'm here!" I hear a voice behind me and then a distinctive laugh, I turn round in shock. 

"God! you scared me" I laugh giving Louis a frown. 

"Sorry" He says going over to Pippa and picking her up. 

"Hey Pips" He says, I smile. 

"Where's Lauren?" He asks. 

"Feeding Tyger, and trying to get him to sleep" I say. 

"Oh.. right, okay" He says putting Pippa back down. 

"Do you want tea or coffee?" I shout going back into the kitchen. 

"Emm, coffee please, I want to stay awake a little longer before I crash out" He laughs coming into the kitchen. 

"Tiring weekend then?" I ask. 

"Yeah.. very, we got alot done" He grins. 

"Is Harry home?" I ask. 

"He should be" Nods Louis. I sigh, slightly comforted about the fact of having Harry back, I suddenly realise i'm frowning.

"What's on your mind..?" Louis asks before I have a chance to smile. 

"Nothing.. just tired, worrying about the wedding, y'know, the norm" I say. 

"Right.. okay, well, Flora?" He says. 

"Mmhm?" I say turning back around and passing him his cup of coffee. 

"Thankyou for looking after Lauren this weekend, she couldnt have managed without you" He says. 

"It's fine, she would have done the same" I smile. 

"Well, maybe that's so, but still, thankyou" He grins, Lauren comes back in just then, minus Tyger. Louis instantly pulls her into his arms, I get a slight lurch of melancholy as I watch on, instead I decide to go and get the kids ready to go. 

When we get home Harry's nowhere to be seen, I'm confused for a second and decide to get the kids ready for bed anyway, as I sit on Darcy's bed watching her drift off and then sit on Dylan's waiting for him to go too I expect the door to go and Harry to call upstairs that he's home, even once their both asleep I find myself going downstairs and hoping to see him sitting in the living room, but he's still nowhere to be seen.

Not even a call or a text, I head into the kitchen kind of at a loss as to what to do, I pour myself a glass of wine and search the cupboards, I end up ordering dominoes, I'm still ont he strict diet.. but I can let myself go for tonight. 

I try calling Harry once,twice, even three times while I wait for my pizza, but no respone. I get my pizza and eat the majority of it, before realising how stupidly tired I am as I yawn, my stomach's content but definitely not my mind. I look at the clock and realise it's only 10 before I crash out. 

The next thing I wake to is a soft nudging on my arm, I wake up prepared to grump in annoyance, releif washes over me as I see my favourite face, khaki beanie hat over his curls his checked shirt thrown scruffily over a white t-shirt. 

"Hello Gorgeous" He says. 

"Haz!" I say sitting up and moving into his arms as I bury my face in his shoulder smelling his familiar face. 

"Flo, Im so sorry I'm late home, my phone ran out of battery and I didn't take my charger with me, then I went a different way home because I wanted to cook you dinner and then I went and broke down.. so I had to call the AA..." He says rolling his eyes. 

"It's fine baby, don't worry" I say getting up. I see Harry set eyes on my pizza box. 

"Oh shit! I already ate, I'm so sorry, I just didn't know you wanted to cook.." I say feeling terrible. 

"It's okay, honestly" He says picking up the last quarter of the pizza I left and munching on it. 

"Well.. alright" I say going into the kitchen to put the kettle on. 

As I stand in the kitchen overwhelming guilt comes flooding over me, I don't know why, I guess I should have waited for him, I quickly grab a tissue as tears dampen my cheeks. 

"Flora?" He comes into the kitchen behind me.

"Yeah" I mumble, but I can tell my voice sounds off. 

"Woah, what's wrong" He says frowning as he tilts my chin up, wiping my tears away with his thumb.

"Nothing.... I've had a tiring weekend" I murmur wrapping my arms loosely around his neck as he squeezes my waist resting his head on top of mine. 

"Fine...well fuck the coffee... we promised each other we weren't gonna become a married couple right?" I he says, letting his hands wander down to my bum. 

"Err.. Well I guess" I say grinning. 

"Great" He whispers lifting me up, taking me by suprise as he puts me on top of the kitchen counter so I'm almost tall enough to reach his lips without him bending and me straining my neck. I wrap my legs eagerly around his waist as he fumbles with my shirt buttons already. 

"Woah, slow down Tiger" I mutter into his ear.

"I cant, I've missed you" He says giving up and ripping the buttons. I try and protest but it comes out sounding like a groan of appreciation as he jams his tounge down my throat.

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