I Do? Don't I? - Chapter 4

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Harry p.o.v

 I pass the tray to Darcy and the mug of tea to Dylan. 

"Take these to mummy okay? don't drop anything" I say patting their little curly heads gently and guiding them out of th kitchen door. 

"Can I eat some?" Asks Dylan. 

"No, you already had yours greedy!" I laugh making sure they get up the stairs safely. I shut the hall window as a cool wind blows in and sends goosebumps up my bare torso. 

I send them in and stand outside for a sec, it's not a special occasion or anything,it's just I like to think of myself as a romantic even though we've been together over 3 years.

"Hello you two! what've you got there?" I hear her voice. 

"Bekfast for you" Says Dylan. 

"Fom daddy" Finishes Darcy. I smile, they're speak so sweetly like butter wouldn't melt. Ha if I didn't know them better. 

"Oooh great, where is Daddy?" She asks. 

"I'm here" I intervene. 

"Morning chef of the year" She laughs, as I climb into bed next to her and the kids pulling Darcy onto my lap.

"Morning" I grin. 

"Shame I can't eat it though" She says sadly. 

"Why? what's wrong?" I ask frowning.

"I'm on a diet!" She says. 

"Oh since when?" I say confused. 

"Since you proposed, I need to be in a good shape for the wedding" She says flashing her ring at me. 

"You already are in a good shape" I say appreciatively. I mean I don't see what's wrong, she lost all the baby weight over two years ago. 

"Yeah but it could be better" She mutters. 

"Right.. well suit yourself, but I think you're perfect, remember that" I say. 

"Yes.. okay" She sighs. 

"Which duty do you want today? footie, or ballet?" I ask. 

"Dad! take me footie" Says Dylan. 

"Ah.. I wanted to ask you something, just this weekend I want to go for a run so can you do both, it's easy enough, I do it loads when you're away, drop Dyl at football, then Darcy at Ballet, pick up Dylan, then Darcy?" She says, looking as though she feels really guilty to ask, I mean she does it loads when I'm away like she says. 

"Yeah.. but don't push yourself too hard okay? you don't need to loose weight" I say sternly. 

"Okay" She sighs snuggling up to me.

"And you can't run on an empty stomach! so eat up" I push the tray back towards her where Dylan is eyeing it up. She stares at it as if it's going to jump up and attack her face, she's probably wondering what food is the least diet offending on the plate.

She decides on the fried egg and takes a bite. Chews, swallows then looks at me. 

"Happy?" She asks sliding out of bed. 

"Not really" I smile anyway, I'm going to do my best to make sure she doesn't get into bad eating habits.

"Can I ave it now?" Asks Dylan.

"Sure mate go crazy" I laugh as he grabs a slice of toast. 

Soon Flora's up and gone so I'm left with the kids. 

"You two should get ready" I say flopping back down on the bed where they're clearing up every scrap of Flora's breakfast. I think they have a metabolism like me, they eat loads, aren't fat, or even chubby but they definitely look healthy with their little chubby dimpled cheeks. 

"You get ready daddy!" Says Darcy. 

"Only when you two do!" I say. 

"least we don't need hair cut!" Says Darcy. 

"Hey Bossy! neither do I" I say laughing. 

"Mam says you do" Says Dylan. 

"Yeah well mum doesn't always know best, sometimes dad does" I whisper to them. They look at me intently. 

"Don't be silly daddy, mum know's best" Darcy sigh's at me as if she is bored with me not being right, for a moment I freeze, she's the spitting image of Flora, just then she jumps of the bed. 

"I need to find my tutu" She huffs and skips out of the door. 

"Come on little man, gonna get that hatrick this week?" I say scooping Dylan up and heading to his room which is now seperate from Darcy's. 

After a bit of searching through the airing cupboard they're eventually leotard/tutu and Manchester united football kit clad. And ready do go, 10 to 11. perfect. 

"Come on!" I hurry them as we get in the car. I start it but after a minute it stops.

"Shit!" I say, then clap my hand over my mouth. 

"Sorry guys" I say, it doesn't seem they were listening anyways. 

"Ah no petrol" I murmur. 

"Okay, We're going in Flora's car" I say getting out, running in the house, grabbing the keys to Flora's fiat 500. 

"Why?" They have questions instantly. 

"Because I'm stupid and forgot to fill up the range rover" I say. 

"Told you mummy knows best" Sighs Darcy, I laugh strapping them both in and setting off, now 5 minutes late. 

I drop Dylan and football and have to profusely apologise that I might miss his Hatrick. And I also have to apologise to the other dads they like to talk to me, god knows why. 

"Ready twinkle toes?" I ask Darcy. 

"Yesh, but don't be late picking me up, you alwayyyss late" She says. 

"Oooh well I'm sorry m'aam" I laugh at her serious expression. 

"it's okay daddy,I know you very busy" She says. I laugh and pick her up as we arrive, I put her down and she runs off, I see Pippa is already there fairy wings on, she never goes anywhere without them.

 Lauren and Louis are standing round the side near the other parents. 

"Hey, I swear Flora said she was doing the Ballet run this week" Says Lauren, holding Louis' hand where it's draped around her shoulder

"Yeah well I'm on both" I say. 

"Oh.. how come?" Asks Louis. 

"Flora's going for a run, a long one apparently" I shrug. 

"Why? Running is stupid, unless you want to loose weight" Says Lauren. 

"That's the stupid thing.. she does" I say sadly. 

"My god, that girl is so stubborn, the amount of times I've moaned at her about not needing to loose weight" Sighs Lauren. 

"It's for the wedding I think.." I say. 

"God, talk some sense into her or something?" Mutters Lauren. 

"Your attempt is better, but I'll try" I say. 

I arrive back with Darcy and Dylan way after lunch and she's still not back.

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