I Do? Don't I? - Chapter 15

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Flora p.o.v

I take all the girls back to our house to have a cup of tea, and to my suprise the house is empty. 

"Where did they go then?" Asks Paige. 

"Em to the park, but we've been out hours" I frown. 

"I wouldn't worry, Louis and Pip are probably with them" Says Lauren just as her phone rings. She gets up heading into the hall, but I hear her tone of voice change when before she shuts the door, I brush it off quickly going into the kitchen to make the tea.

By the time it's done Lauren's back off the phone, on which I assume she was talking to Louis, conversation stops as I walk in, I frown and they all look really guilty. 

I pass round the mugs with suspicion eyeing each of them in turn. As I sit down there's an awkward silence like none of them can think about anything apart from what they were talking about when they were out of the room, coversation soon dips back into normality but it plays on my mind.

After about two hours and about three more cups of tea Lauren's phone rings again, I frown taking the cups back into the kitchen, it's like de ja vu as I come back in, Lauren's back but this time, everyone looks more tense.

"What!?" I finally snap. "What is so fucking private!" I ask. 

"We.. em, Lauren-" Starts Paige

 "Louis called me a-" Lauren continues but my phone rings and they all look releived I give them an exasperated look as I answer after checking Harry's caller I.D.

"Hey! where you at? Oh do you know what everyone's being so secretive about?" I say almost seeing the funny side now and pausing expectantly.

"Flora.." Harry says, he almost sounds choked up. 

"What? Harry what's wrong!?" I say panicking, feeling my heart quicken and hands go all sweaty. 

"Flora it's Jordan, I think he's got the kids.." Harry says, he doesn't sound like Harry he sounds all strangled and distant. 

"What! WHAT THE FUCK! NO! Harry!?" I say, I hear like a kerfuffle at the other end of the phone, as I try and steady my breathing and rub the tears from ym cheeks frantically. 

"Flora?" I hear Louis' voice. 

"Lou! what the hell is happening?!" I demand, my voice going high pitched and it must have carried a bit as the hall door opens and the girls come in.

"They were at the park, and then I think Harry took his eye off of them for a bit and they were just gone but he saw , Jordan drive off" He says quickly, I only catch half of it. 

"What!? Where did they go! Louis we have to find them!" I say tears pouring down my cheeks, but determination suging through me. 

"Of course we do! and we will" He says. 

"Okay.." I say, but there's barely a moments silence before I start sobbing full out, Lauren takes the phone off of me before it falls to the floor. 

Alice pulls me to her hugging me tightly as I feel Juliette put her hand comfortingly on my back. I'm oblivious to everything for a bit and I don't even listen to the hushed but frank dicussion Lauren and Louis are having.

"We have to go meet the boys at the police station" Lauren says finally. 

 "What?" I say almost disbeleivingly though I know it's the right thing to do. 

"Well the quicker we take it to the police the quicker we can get them home Flo, it makes sense" Says Juliette the others nod sympathetically. 

"Are you okay to drive?" Asks Paige. I nod numbly grabbing my keys and following the girls out to the car.

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