I Do? Don't I? - Chapter 25

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Flora p.o.v

"This dress... or this one?" I ask holding each up to my body in turn as I stand in our bedroom only underwear and heel clad as Harry sits on the bed. 

One of the dresses is like a dark raspberry colour and is like a tight and not at all stretchy all over. And the other one is burgundy with long sleeves and sequinned all over.

"Try them on" He says, doing a pretty good job at looking like he gives a shit. 

I pull on the sequinned one to which he tilts his head at throughfully asks me to twirl and then frowns. 

"Now do the other one" He orders. 

"Alright bossy" I mutter, stripping off and pulling on the raspberry one and the beckoning him over to do it up, he follows my instructions promptly then turning me round and looking me up and down with concentration.

"This one, it makes your boobs look nice" He says finally fixing on them for a couple of seconds then looking down at me with a grin. 

"This one it is" I say shrugging his arms off of my shoulders so I can finish getting ready. 

"And your bum" He mutters as I walk towards the bathroom. 

"What?" I ask confused. 

"It makes your boobs look good... and your bum" He says shrugging innocently. 

"Oh?" I say as I shut the bathroom door to clean my teeth, when I come out the kids are in the room and seem to have the hair straightners and are poised to attack Harry's full head of hair. 

"Rather you than me" I smirk while he watches Darcy carefully as she takes one silky curl, pulling it straight and free of bounce as she sets to it scarily expertly making it poker straight with the GHD's and getting another one as Dylan chuckles in delight. 

I grab my bag putting in my phone, purse and lipstick, that's about all that will fit. And heading down stairs, Harry and the kids follow not long after, he must have escaped their grasp as he ruffles the straightened bits messy again with a grin. 

I'm about to give him the evening's instructions when I hear a car horn outside it must be the taxi. 

"Okay, I best be off, you'll be okay won't you?" I ask. 

"Obviously, they're my kids just as much as yours gorgeous" He laughs ushering me towards the doorway. 

"Have fun, drink as much as you like, I'll wait up" He says not giving me a chance to talk. 

"Harry don't wait u-" He puts a finger to my lips. 

"Sh, I'll put you to bed later" He laughs as I hug the kids and clamber into the taxi with Alice,Juliette, Paige and Lauren. I doubt I'll be drinking much tonight I mean I know it's my hen night but I'm just not in the mood.

The back of the taxi is now a sweet mixture of all our perfumes that makes my throat dry up. I frown as I'm greeted by hot hugs and kisses on the cheek. 

"You better be exited!" Says Lauren sounding incredibly exited herself.

"Buzzing.." I mutter fiddling with the clasp on my bag. 

"What's wrong with you?" Alice nudges me. 

"Nothing" I say putting on a smile, to be perfectly honest I don;t know what's wrong with me. 

"Guess what, you wont be grumpy for much longer.. because we hired a stripper" Says Lauren raising her perfectly plucked eyebrows at me. 

"YOU DID NOT HIRE A STRIPPER!?" I say in astonishment/embarrassment. 

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