I Do? Don't I? - Chapter 19

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Flora p.o.v

We follow Lauren and Louis' car down the back streets of east london to the place where they had their wedding cake made, they reccomended it there because admittedly the cake was absolutely amazing, and the owners of the shop said they didn't mine us bringing all the kids along so that's where we're heading. 

And to be honest, I don't think Lauren would pass up an oppurtunity for free cake now she's 8 months pregnant. 

Just then Lauren and Louis make a sharp turn which Harry only just manages to follow. 

"Oooh, skills" He mumbles grinning. I laugh as Lauren and Louis park and Harry pulls in behind them, as soon as we get out you can sense the sweet smell of the bakery drifting out onto the street. 

"Mmm" I say appreciatively.

"It's better once you get in there, trust me" says Lauren, I take Dylan's hand as he toddles along beside me. 

Lauren is not wrong, as we get in there it's like the sweet smell outside is a distant memory, in here you can pick out each individual scent as people in chefs whites rush around, I look to the corner where there's a table of six or seven people icing tiny sugar roses over every millimetere of a collosal white cake. 

I pick Dylan up, to stop him running off and getting under everyone's feet, I could happily sit here and watch them all work, it's fascinating, it almost makes me wish I was a chef or something, 

Lauren talks animatedly to a lady with a French accent, I understand she's the owners wife, I watch Darcy  and Pippa. eyes like saucers as they watch someone carry past a baby pink coloured cake, with.. what would be edible feathers and crystals.

The lady carrying the cake looks down at them, plucking two feather's off the top and gives them to the girls, they nibble at the feather's watching in awe as the lady carries the cake away. 

"It's amazing in here" Harry mumbles into my ear. 

"I know!" I say. 

"Come this way everyone!" The lady suddenly adresses us with a wide grin, her dark hair woven into a complicated plait down her back. I smile and follow her behind Harry. 

The lady leads us into a side room all painted cream with gold futon couches and pretty vases of flowers.

"Sit down! I shall get you drinks, my husband antoine will be with you soon" She smiles, then returns before Antoine with champagne for me,Lou and Harry, Ribena for the kids, and Coke for Lauren. 

"He really won't be long! he's finishing a 4ft cake! the bride! she is terrible!" Says the woman with, hand gestures. 

"It's fine" I say. 

"Ahh, is this the bride!?" She says to Lauren like she's only just noticed me. Lauren nods. 

"And the groom! Oh what a beautiful wedding it will be!" She says putting a hand on each of Harry's cheeks.

"Anyway! let me get you all something to taste, and I promise Antoine will be here soon!"

 As the woman goes I shoot Harry a look, Lauren's catches us. 

"Sorry, she's a bit loopy,nice enough, but it's worth it for the cake" she laughs patting her bump. 

Just before the woman comes back a girl storms past the door way, she's stick thin her stilletto boots make a noise on the floor as she stomps out. 

"Dear, you could have tried one little slice" says a woman who looks frankly tired and worn out. 

"No Mum! I will be a size four on my wedding day if it kills me" Says the girl in a shrill voice. 

"But love y-" Starts the older woman. 

"No buts, it's getting shipped from New York!" Exclaims the bride before she stomps out followed my her mum.

"Woahh, bridezilla" Mutters Louis making us laugh. 

Then Antoine enters followed by his wife holding huge plates of so many different types of cake all cut into little neat slices, I have to hold Dylan down to stop him from grabbing some already. 

"Hello! Ladies and Gentleman.. and children, welcome to ze bakery, we will make you the cake of your dreams!" He exclaims, it would seem his french accent is even stronger than that of his wife. 

"Now, you must try as much as you want! ask for more, then tell us your favourites and we will work it out from there okay? dig in!" He says. 

Every body takes peices, I think they're too pretty to eat, each peice is light spoge and some of them contain three different pastel coloured fillings. I can hear Antoine chanting about the different flavours, I take a nibble off the end of mine, and it tastes delicious, sweet and buttery and then the cream tastes of strawberry,chocolate... and what tastes like mango!? But it mixes so well it's astonishing, I take another bite savouring it even though I desperately want to see what the other colours in the other slices taste like.

I look at Harry who is carefully disecting the petals of a pale lemon coloured sugar lilly and crunching them one by one, I look left a little more and grin as I see Dylan doing the exact same thing, it's quite a picture. 

He see's me looking and frowns. 

"What!?" He demands at my smirk. 

"Nothing.. did you enjoy that?" I ask as he licks the last bit of sugar from his lips. 

"Yeah you should try one" He says picking up a pale blue one and feeding it to me, I open my mouth obligingly, and I crunch it up letting the sugar tingleand dissolve on my tounge. 

"Oh my god, it tastes like blueberries" I say giggling as he reaches forward and wipes the edge of my lip carefully with his thumb removing what would seem to be non-existent sugar.

I roll my eyes at him but he regains eye contact, we're interuppted when Darcy plants a sticky hand on Harry's bicep. 

"eww, been having fun have we?" He mumbles lifting her onto his lap as she claps her hands together. 

"Mum can you and Dad have strawberry one, is my favourite!" She says. 

"Emm... we'll see" I say, just then Antoine's wife comes over and hands Harry a baby wipe, he smiles greatfully dabbing a Darcy's sticky face and hands, as she squirms in dissaproval. 

After about two more hours and way too much cake for everyone, apart from maybe Lauren, we've eventually decided. Well atleast that's something else I can cross  of my list. 

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