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I Do? Don't I? - Chapter 16

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Harry p.o.v

I sit nervously in the dark station watching officers walk in and out ,it's eerily quiet just the rush and whir of the fan and the phone ringing every so often, I chew on my lip nervously my plams sweaty, and my mind not quite on the ball trying desperately not to face up to what's happened. 

I take a sideways glance at Lou whose hunched in a similar position to me, I can see his shoulders tensed, he notices me and attempts a warm smile that would usually comfort me.

"Are you okay, why don't you go and get a drink?" He says nodding at the vending machine. 

"No, I.. I'm not thirsty" I mumble. 

Suddenly the doors go and a woosh of warm breeze comes in, making the leaflets and various papers on the noticeboard flap about. It's Flora and the other girls, I survey her, her face white as a sheet, all traces of the happy person I spoke to on the phone vanished, instantly I feel overwhelming guilt, it's my fault! I wasn't watching them properly. 

"God! you're here" Says Louis, jumping up and embracing Lauren quickly before leading them all over to the sofa's were sitting on. 

"What's going on!? have you told them?" Asks Lauren. 

"Yeah, they're in urgent meetings with the head detective and P.C.O" Says Louis. 

"Oh, that's good right?" Says Paige. 

"They're doing all they can" Says Louis. 

A small voice breaks through the conversation, closer to me, next to me in fact, I didn;t even notice she was there. 

"Harry?" She says.

"Yes babe?" I say, still mumbling though. 

"How do you know it was Jordan, I wouldn't put it past him but..." She says her tone still soft, I wonder if she's refusing to think about it like me. I sigh deeply rubbing my face with my hands

"I saw him Flo" I say.

"Oh.." She says, I nod. 

"Oh" She says again but it turns into a sort of squeak, I look at her checking if she's okay, but I can see she's stopped managing to blink back the tears. 

I pull her to me as she bury's her face in my shoulder, I feel even worse because she doesn't blame me, not yet anyway. 

"Don't worry, they'll find them" I whisper into her ear.

We're interuppted by a female officer of about 50 calling our names.

"Flora and Harry?" We break apart and look up, Flora rubbing her eyes furiously as if trying to look like she wasn't crying.

"That's us" I say. 

"Great, the search is under way, luckily he still had a tag so tracking will be easy as pie, but we want to ask you a couple of questions and discuss public protection for future measures etc. is that okay?" She says, she seems so take in Flora's state and her expression softens.

I hear everyone behind us breathe sighs of releif after hearing about the tracker. 

"Yeah, we're happy to help" I say taking Flora's hand tightly.

"Come this way then" She says. We follow her down dimly lit, bland painted corridors, quite depressing really.

We go into a questioning room and sit down on the opposite table from her and another man, she gives us the legal spiel and asks if we mind her recording the conversation, we both agree and sign.

 We barely get far through the interveiw when an officer comes in. 

"P.C.O Clark we've got the kids.. and Mr. Dunn" Says the officer. 

"Brilliant" She says. 

"Well as you probably heard it hasn't taken them long because of his tag, and I can assure you he will NOT be bothering you again" She says smiling widely. 

Flora looks at me stunned, I pull her into a happy hug squeezing her tightly. 

"You better come and see them" She says, I jump up followed by Flora. 

We enter a room with bean bags on the floor and various toys scattered round, it's basically a depressing room in disguise. We run forward and I've already scooped Darcy up before they notice we're here. 

"I'm so,so sorry Darc" I whisper into her hair, and I feel myself start crying too, to be honest I think they're oblivious to what's just happened.

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