I Do? Don't I? - Chapter 2

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Harry p.o.v

The whole time during dinner Flora can't take her eye off of the ring, it's quite something, but I don't even know if it's that, I suppose it's just the fact that we're officially engaged, which is what I want more than anything, but still. 

We're in the back of a New York taxi, on the way back to the Four Seasons hotel. It's past midnight now but it's the city that never sleeps most peoples evenings are just beginning. 

"Are you tired?" I ask nudging her. 

"Yeah, shattered" she laughs. 

"Oh okay, sorry if I kept you up late" I say. 

"don't be silly, tonight's been perfect" She says. 

"Really?" I smile. 

"Yes!" She exclaim taking her my hand in hers and holding it tightly, I can feel the coolness of the rock under my fingers.

We get to the hotel and arrive in our suite, that's beautiful too, cost alot of money, but it was worth it, there's the sleeping bit and the door to the bathroom and then carpeted steps with another door to the large balcony and a veiw over the glittering skyline and central park. 

I undo the rest of my short buttons as I flop down on the bed, I expect Flora to join me but as I sit up I see she's sitting on the steps looking at the veiw. 

"Haz, what time will it be back home?" She asks. 

"Are you worrying about that now?" I ask.

"Yeah, I wanna call the kids" She says.. 

"Just come to bed, you can do that in the morning" I say. 

"No, I want to talk to them!" She says acting almost like a stroppy toddler herself.

"Okay, it'd be about half 8 in the morning" I say giving in. 

"Great, reckon they'd be up?" She asks. Her tone suddenly brighter.

"Defo, they're early birds, you over anyone should know that" I say, I know she knows that, she was just looking for reassurance. She nods and finds Lauren's number on speed dial, they insisted on looking after the twins while we came here.

She has it on loud speaker so I listen from where I'm lying on the bed.

"Hey Lauren! It's me, are the kids up?" She says brightly even though she must be shattered, that's what I often notice about Flora, her ability to hide emotions. It often annoys me, because I can't tell if she's upset or not.

"Yeah, we've been up since 7" She laughs, I can hear the kids playing in the background. 

"Ah sorry, have they been any trouble?" She asks. 

"No, they've been little angels, apart from when they spilt hot chocolate on the rug, but we won't go into that,it was mainly Pippa's fault" She laughs it off. Pippa is Louis and Lauren's 2 year old daughter, born literally 9 months after our two, I think Lauren Liked Darcy and Dylan a bit too much. 

"Shit! not the white persian one?!" Flora says. 

"Yes! that one, like I said lets not talk about it!" She laughs. 

"What are they up to? Can I have a word?" She asks.

"We're making breakfast, but I'm sure I can spare them" She laughs, I hear her change it to loudspeaker and hand the phone to Darcy. 

"ello mummy!" she says. 

"Hiya, where's Dyl?" Flora asks. 

"He's with uncle youie, dey talkin bout cars" She says. 

"Aw, next time you see him Darc, tell him he can't drive for 15 years yet" She laughs. 

"ohkays when are you and daddy back mum?" She asks. 

"Tommorow!" Flora says. 

"Yayy, do you know what, we done so much dis week, we went swimming with Pips and Lauren and youie" Says Darcy happily. 

I listen to Flora and Darcy's exchange until Flora eventually breaks it off. 

"Darcy, I'm sorry baby, I have to go it's late at night over here" Says Flora. I'd like to point out that it's past 1, so technically morning but I don't. 

"Mummy don't go!" Darcy says in dismay in her 'do what I want or I'll cry and make you feel guilty ' voice, it works every time with me. 

"I have to, I love you, tell your brother I love him" She says quietly her voice shaky, I know she's trying not to cry.

"Bye mum, we love you" She says. I decide to head into the bathroom while Flora tells Lauren quickly about the engagement.

When I come out Flora's still in the same place on the stairs, no longer on the phone, hugging her knee's her head reasting on them. 

"What's wrong?" I ask sitting next to her. 

"Nothing, I just miss the kids" She mumbles. 

"God you're such a softie, it doesn't matter,love, we're going home tommorow" I say putting an arm around her. 

"I know it's just, ugh it doesn't matter" She says sniffing and wiping her eyes. 

"Hey! c'mon spit it out" I say nudging her smiling. 

"I don't want them to think we just left them for two weeks, or think that we care any less about them" She says. 

"You're mad" I say hugging her tightly anyway. 

"Why!?" She says suddenly demanding. 

"They're toddlers asnd we're they're parents, they don't hold grudges Flo" I laugh. 

"I guess not" She laughs as I wipe the last tear from her cheek. 

"You're just tired" I say, yawning myself.

We're soon in bed I pull Flora closer to me whispering to her. 

"We'll be home tommorow anyway" I say so close my lips are almost touching her ear. She lets out a deep breath and I realise she's asleep anyway, I smirk and close my eyes too.

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