I Do? Don't I? - Chapter 11

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Flora p.o.v

"Seriously, I never thought It'd get that much publicity" I mutter to Lauren in annoyance as we sit down in Nando's with the kids. 

"Well it was only to be expected.." Shrugs Lauren. 

"Yeah but it was on the cover of every freaking paper and magazine I mean do they have nothing better to print about?" I say grumpily. 

"Woah Flora chill, it's good publicity, and you two look the cutest couple ever on those pictures just after you got engaged!" Says Lauren. 

"Hmph" I say sipping my diet coke and checking my phone. About 20312092 texts from people we were planning to tell on our own accord and who have just found out from twitter or something simmilar. Alot of them are congratulations' too but I know I should be happy, yet I'm not, I'm just constantly tired, and stressed. 

"Flor-" Lauren starts. 

"WHAT!?" I snap, without meaning too at all. 

"Woah someone got out of bed on the wrong side this morning.." Says Lauren. 

"God I'm so sorry, seriously I didn't mean to be grumpy" I smile. 

"It's fine.. I was just going to ask, do you want anything to eat?" She says. 

"Oh.. no it's fine" I say.

"It might make you feel better though Flo, you look ill I'm not gonna lie" She says, as she dismisses the waitress with a nod. 

"Oh, keeping it real?" I say. 

"You know that's how I work" She says as Darcy clambers onto my lap with her colouring I wind her silky curls around my fingers as she colours avidly, Dylan is more interested in breaking the crayons. 

"So.. how's planning going?" She asks. 

"Well, y'know.. good I guess, tiring" I say. 

"You seriously need to eat more" Laughs Lauren. 

"Oh hush up" I say. 

"I don't know how Harry does it" She murmurs laughing. 

"Oh my god, keep your hormones to yourself" I mutter back, she just laughs starting with her food, she eats so much it's unreal I mean I know she's pregnant but god.

Just then Paige comes in with Alice.

"Hey guys, we were on Oxford Street too so Lauren said we should come join" Smiles Paige.

"Sure, it feels like it's been ages!" I say.

"Oh god I know right, I don't think I've seen you or Haz.. or even the children since the dinner party" Says Alice. 

"I know.. I've been busy.. but we need to go bridesmaid shopping soon right!?" I say. 

"Oh my god! yeah I'm so exited" Says Alice clapping her hands in delight. 

"There's only six months isn't there?" Says Paige, I nod biting my lip. 

The kids soon finish of their food and I make my excuses, it's a horrible drizzly evening so I try to get home quickly seeing as it's getting late. 

I arrive home carrying a child on each side, I manage to get them upstairs and into bed without waking either of them. 

"good work" I mutter to myself. I come downstairs to find Harry sitting on the bottom step. 

 "I though I heard you come in.." He smiles pulling me into a hug as I sit down next to him. 

"Yeah.. Darcy and Dylan fell asleep in the car so I just put them straight to bed" I say pulling off my coat with a tired sigh. 

 We move to the sofa within a few seconds and I end up looking at my twitter, there's articles everywhere. 

"Ugh I hate this" I frown. 

"Atleast it's good publicity, we're getting married right, it's a good thing" He says stroking my head and playing with my hair. 

"I suppose so" I say kissing him softly. 

"You're better off without twitter so put you on edge" He says taking the ipad and putting it on the coffee table before occupying me completely. 

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