I Do? Don't I? - Chapter 5

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Flora p.o.v

I finally get back to our house, sweaty and exhausted, I always did like running but I didn't I could rekindle the distance I liked to go that quickly, I know it's bad but I haven't eaten or drunk anything since that tea and bit of fried egg I had this morning, I don't find myself hungry though. 

I realise I don't have my key so I knock. I hear who I think is Dylan struggle with the latch, then Harry come up behind him and open the door with ease.

"My god where have you been?" He asks. I'm still out of breath. 

"You know where I went" I say panting and pulling my hair out of the ponytail it was in. 

"Well what took you so long?" He asks taking my hoodie and chucking it in the washing, as he peels Dylan off where he's hugging my legs. 

"I was enjoying it" I say with hint of a smile. 

"If you weren't so out of breath and sweaty I might not beleive you" He laughs. I roll my eyes, sitting Dylan back up the table where Darcy's colouring, he doesn't stay there long. 

He's back nagging at me to pick him up. 

"What? Dylan I need to have a shower?" I say picking him up and sitting him on the kitchen counter next to where Harry's cooking. I get myself a drink of water and sip it thoughtfully. 

"I'm making your favourite" Harry says with satisfaction. Admittedly it does smell amazing. 

"Ugh, I'm not hungry" I lie, I feel really bad. 

"Oh come on, I doubt you've had anything to eat since breakfast" He says, when I look at him, like right in the eyes, I can;t lie. 

"I haven't, I'll just have salad or something later" I say, even though my stomach is growling.

"Fine, suit yourself" He says, he can see right through me anyway he knows I'm hungry. 

I storm off to have a shower and cool down, I get out of the shower to someone knocking on the door. 

"I'm coming!" I say grabbing a towel off the rail and pulling it around myself.

"Mam! you didn't say hello to me!" It's a very sweet yet angry looking Darcy. Her arms are folded across her chest, she is developing bossy tendencies. 

"Sorry, Hello" I say laughing and scooping her up then sitting her on the bed. 

"Hello!" She says standing up instantly and jumping up and down on the bed as I change into a checked shirt and comfortable Hollister bed shorts. 

"Have you had dinner?" I ask scooping her up. Even though I can already tell from the red/orange stain around her chops. I do a round trip to the living room and I see that it's past 8. 

"Bed time you two" I say one on each hip it's a task these days. I look at Harry where he's eating at the table blatantly ignoring me, pretending to be texting or tweeting random shit. I huff showing my annoyance and he doesn't even look up.

I get the kids ready for bed, Dylans falls instantly asleep, he always does after football, and I end up falling asleep on Darcy's bedside practically buried underneath a mountain of teddies. 

I'm woken up by my own hunger pangs, I creep out of Darcy's room heading downstairs to where a blank looking Harry is watching tv, stretched out on the sofa, he doesn't even acknowledge me. I move his socked legs into my lap and sit at the other end of the sofa picking up a copy of More magazine and flicking through. 

Suddenly the legs move from my lap and are replaced by a body next to mine. 

"Oh someone's changed their tune" I murmur still looking through the magazine, he's such a softie he can't resist a cuddle when it's right in front of him.

"Mmhm" He says happily wrapping his arms around me. I continue to read the magazine until I get to the back page, Harry realises I have no option but talk to him, he looks at the page, and it just so happens to be the sex page. 

"That's a good one, I read it earlier when you were in the shower" He laughs. I can't help but giggle. 

"Is it now?" I ask. 

"Yeah, basically it's called 'going for gold' right?" He says. 

"Right" I confirm.

"And like the first person to orga-" He starts but I cut him off. 

"Woah, okay I think I'll just read it" I say, I have no choice but to now anyway. 

"We should try it" He says pushily after giving me a minute. 

"Really? tonight? ugh I'm tired" I mumble. 

"Well. Eat something, then we do that, do you know how many calories Sex burns!?" He says enthusiastically. 

"Emm, I guess so"  I say, that was like the trigger, Harry jumps up and I hear him clattering around in the kitchen getting me food. 

Well if there's one way to please Harry... 

within a minute or two he's back, and I have to admit the food looks and smells nice. 

"Bon appetit!" He says. I bit my lip, but we are gonna burn it off right. 

He watches me take every bite and I wind him up by eating agonisingly slowly. 

"Do you know you shouldn't do anything to soon after eating" I say as I take the last mouthful sitting back and patting my stomach.

"Shouldn't doesn't mean can't" He says grinning. 

"Ugh ten minutes okay?" I sigh getting up and putting my plate in the kitchen and running upstairs, cleaning my teeth and changing into some lacy black underwear, matching, specially. I blow dry my hair so it's soft and hanging in long waves down my shoulders. 

I head downstairs pulling my checked shirt back on. 

"Hey" I say. 

"Hello" He says. pulling me down onto him.

I sit on his stomach, straddling him, knee either side. I kiss him softly at first and he fumbles trying to be gentle with my shirt buttons but he gives up ripping them instead. 

"Hey!" I say pulling away. 

"Oh shut-up and kiss me, you never used to care" He smiles crushing his lips back to mine. 

"I'll let you have that one, because you're so sexy" I say pulling off his t-shirt, I don't have the brute strength to go ripping things. 

"We need to do this more often" He says breathlessly between a kiss. 

"Mmmhmm, what happened to us?" I say letting him kiss my neck. 

"I don't know,  promise me something?" He asks. 

"Anything" I mutter, his lips on my skin feel so good. 

"we'll never turn into a married couple right!?" He says. 

"Never, I love... sex" I mutter, knowing I don't really, not as much as him anyway. 

"Me too" He says. 

"My god, what is wrong with us. We need to stop talking" I say. 

"True" He says. He stops and pulls away for a second, using the remote to put on his ipod where it's in the dock. Usher - Scream, comes on he turns it up as loud as I'll let him, he smiles at me, I smile back and this time I can't stop him. 

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