I Do? Don't I? - Chapter 13

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Flora p.o.v

"Are you sure you'll be okay?" I ask kissing both the kids on the head and a quick double hug. 

"Yeah, it's fine, we'll go to the park and get ice-cream, won't we?" Says Harry. 

"Arse cream!" Squeals Darcy. 

"Exactly" Harry says triumphantly. 

"Okay, I'll be back early afternoon, have fun" I say giving Harry a peck on the lips and shutting the door. 

I'm going to Christian Scott Smith, the notorious dress designer who has offered to create my masterpiece of a wedding dress, tailored to fit and it'll look however I want, which is pretty amazing but I don't look like a model or actress which are the people that usually wear his creations.

I have to pick up Lauren,Juliette, Paige and Alice, seeing as they're my bridesmaids and they all wanted to come, especially Juliette because she's modelled on his runway show before, which doesn't surprise me.

I pick up Lauren first, and seeing as she's pregnant she has the front seat which means Juliette,Paige and Alice are all squashed in the back of my little Fiat 500, they didn't enjoy it too much, and they're all moaning at me to get a new car.

We arrive at Christian's Chelsea showroom and pile out, as we walk in it's empty apart from a guy, instantly gay in appearence and more so in voice as he greats us one by one with kisses on each cheek, I can detect of French in his English accent. 

I instantly recognise him though it's the man himself, white shirt the 3 top buttons undone, monochrome against his black skinny trousers.

"Hello Ladies! I'm hear to create the dress of your dreams!" He pulls me forward taking both my hands. 

"Ah so beautiful! beautiful shape" He touches my cheek and then traces my waist and hips thoughtfully, I would normally mind this sort of interaction from anyone other than Harry, but then again he's an incredibly gay designer.. I can tell he's in the zone already.

"Ah Juliette long time no see eh?" He says giving her a little wave and then looking back at me, looking up and down my body.

"So, I'll take your measurements? Then we get down to the fun stuff!" He says giving me a grin and taking me into a large fitting room with the same cream carpet and white wallpaper with a gold ornate pattern on it as the rest of the shop. He measures every inch of my body. And nods in satisfaction. 

"Perfect" He says winding up the tape measure swiftly within a second. 

"It shall fit like a glove!" He says. 

He then passes me a silky white corset/bra and knickers and the most divine pair of silver Loboutins that are so high I can barely walk but gorgeous all the same, I pull them on and head out into the mirrored area where all the girls are sitting on the large sofa's sipping champagne except in Lauren's case.. who has Orange Juice in a champagne glass. He offers me a glass too and I take it greatfully. 

I feel a bit self conciouss strutting out in lingerie but it's only my friends and a gay guy, Alice wolf whistles as I come out, I give her a 'shut up' look and blush bright red as Christian tells me to choose my dress. 

The idea is I choose the features I best like and he creates the ultimate dress, which sounds easy in theory but hell it's not. 

"Do you have any idea what you want?" Asks Christian , crystal studded pen poised on his crystal studden notebook. 

"Nope" I shrug helplessly. 

"Perfect" He says.

I spend what must be the next three hours trying on what feels like every dress in the shop, and he writes down each feature he thinks would work best, what I like and what the girls like. But they're all so gorgeous. 

In the end I just say the main features and he pieces together a description.

"So, you want strapless show a little bit of cleavage for the man eh?, with white diamonte here then wrap around chiffon, and a big beautiful skirt, but not too big! not tacky! just enough, and it shall be sparkly, glitter under light, irredecent yes?" He says with ridiculous hand gestures, it sounds amazing. I nod in awe.

"Perfect! I shall start today, you will be a beautiful bride" He pats my cheek and shows us out. 

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