I Do? Don't I? - Chapter 10

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Harry p.o.v

"Oh look whose better!" Shouts Louis as I enter the studio's. 

"Yeah you better beleive it" I mutter sitting down, it's been a week and a half since I ate those prawns and honestly I have never been so ill, but since then I've eaten my body weight in food, seeing as had eaten barely anything while I was ill, I just couldn't keep it down.

"What have I missed?" I ask.

"Nothing much mate, we've been pretty much out of action without you" Says Niall. 

"Awh guys, how cute, I've missed you" I say flopping down on one of the chairs. 

"We missed you to, I came to visit but I couldn't get past Flora" Says Zayn.

"Yeah, she was scary, I think she should be a bodyguard" Says Niall. 

"Or a nurse?" I suggest smiling, she took really good care of me, I actually don't remember much, but I remember her presence alot, all the time even, knowing exactly what I needed, or sometimes it was just how she'd stroke my head comfortingly while I was going to sleep. 

"Oooh nurse hey? well I didn't know you were into that sort of thing.." Smirks Louis. 

"Yeah. Kinky.." Agree's Zayn. 

"Oh Shutup you know what I mean" I say rolling my eyes. 

"Yeah... actually, but she was getting all stressed out wasn't she, is she alright now?"  Asks Louis. 

"I think so... I'm worried about her though, I know she was giving herself a hard time while I was ill but there wasn't alot I could do" I say. 

"She sure looked like it, she was crying.." Louis says. 

"God really!? why have you only just told me this?" I ask. 

"I don't know, she was just stressed about everything..." Says Louis. 

"I feel so bad for not keeping an eye on her" I say. 

"No it's not your fault, she'll be alright...." Says Liam. The others nod in agreement. 

"There's something else I'm worried about.." I say. 

"Spill Harry" Says Liam. 

"She's not eating.. and I'm really scared because I think while I was ill she hardly ate..." I say. 

"Shit, well have you seen her eat since?" Asks Zayn. 

"My god... how can she live" Says Niall, he sounds horrified. 

"Barely, when I see her she always says she's already eaten. And I don't want to push it because she'll get all upset with me, and I hate seeing her upset" I say. 

"Thinking about it, when I saw her, she looked kind of ill, but I assumed it was just because she was stressed" Says Louis. 

"I think it's that too..." I say putting my head in my hands, I feel really helpless. Like I haven't taken care of her properly. 

"Why is she doing it?" Asks Zayn. 

"She's trying to loose weight for the wedding.. but she doesn't need to.." I say. 

"Agreed, you're gonna have to force feed her" Laughs Liam. 

"Or make it sexy... lie there with like, chocolate on you, she'll give into temptation" Laughs Louis. 

"Or nando's... or spaghetti bolognese...or slices of pizza..." Says Liam. 

"Oh My Gosh.. why did I never think of this before!?" Says Niall. 

"We all know what Niall and Paige are getting up to tonight..." mutters Zayn, cracking up. 

"You might just end up looking like a complete knob head though, because you might not be sexy enough for her?" Says Louis.

"True.." I agree. 

"Well in all seriousness, just talk to her, if that doesn't work you have permission to break out the temptation tactic" Says Louis. I nod even though the temptation tactic is not on my agenda just yet.

"Harry? what's going on with Flora?" I hear a voice, it's her dad. Oh God. 

"Emm....she's just touchy about her weight.." Says Louis, bluffing it out for me. 

"I asked Harry, you said she's not eating?" He looks at me, I'm still scared of my father-in-law to be/manager. 

"Yeah, look here's the truth, I'm worried about her, while I was ill she hardly ate and now she's only eating when I literally force her" I say. 

"That's not good.. I always thought she was okay with her weight, and I don't get these girl things" He says gruffly. 'same' I feel like saying, I mean I understand her more than anyone. 

"What about Lauren and the other girls have they spoken to her?" He asks. 

"Yeah, they're trying" I add. 

"It could be just a phase, but I'll talk to her" He says then leaves swiftly.

"You got off with that one lightly" mutters Louis, I raise my eyebrows. You're telling me, I think.

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