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I Do? Don't I? - Chapter 14

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Harry p.o.v

"Ready?" I ask getting in the car and starting the engine.

"Yeah!" Exclaim Darcy and Dylan in unison. 

"Good" I say turning up the radio because Grimmie's show is on. 

"Is Pippa coming to the parky?" Asks Darcy hopefully. 

"Em.. Louis might bring her down later.." I say meaning to give him a call when we get there. Darcy isn't even listening though she's too busy singing the phineas and ferb theme tune. 

We arrive at the park and it's actually quite a nice day, I wish I'd worn shorts or something now. They both run straight to the kids play area where Dylan claims the slide and won't let Darcy up because it's 'his castle' to which she isn't pleased about.

I sit on a bench watching them play happily, that's the thing, they'll make friends with anyone which is quite cute and it means I don't have to do anything, not that I'm not up for playing pretend becaue I'm quite good at that.

I was going to text Flora or something but she's probably busy looking for dresses and stuff so I'll leave it. I've almost drifted off in the warm sun when I feel someone clamber onto my lap. 

"Dad! am hungry!" Says the little voice, I open my eyes, scooping her up and going over to Dylan. 

"You hungry yet buddy?" I ask him where he's sitting under the slide showing off to two little girls with plaits.

"Yeah starving, can Jessie and Lily come?" He asks. The girls look up at me. 

"Er.. I think we're going into town somewhere, so probably not, maybe another time?" I say looking over to the two youngish women sitting on the bench, who look away instantly when I see them. 

"Ahh okay, bye girls" He says winking at Jessie and Lily, god knows how he learned to wink. 

"You little player" I laugh sighing and putting Darcy down so they can walk together.

"So what sort of food do you want?" I ask. 

" At Donald" Says Darcy. 

"Yeah At Donalds dad!" Says Dylan. 

"Okay, MacDonalds it is, but don't tell your mum!" I laugh.

We're soon out of Macdonalds and back in the park, I never understand why kids like the park so much, like we have a climbing frame and stuff in the back garden but they prefer it here. 

Unfortunately for Dylan his new girlfriends have gone by the time we get back, but he makes friend's with some boys this time and even manages to include Darcy without arguing, which is suprising. Soon the park is pretty much empty and Darcy and Dylan are adament they don;t want to go yet, they're busy playing an intense game of 'pirates and mermaids' when I asked if I could play they said no. 

I decide to call Flora as I have nothing better to do until they tire themselves out. 

"Hey.." She says. 

"Hi, how's it going?" I ask. 

"Um okay except from the fact I'm half way into a wedding dress with a really complicated tie bit at the back and you just called me" She says, but I can hear a hint of humour. 

"Ah well, you should be able to multi-task by now" I laugh.

"Hmph.. give me a sec" She huffs. 

"Done, okay, I can't be long they're all waiting to see this dress" She says a couple of seconds later.

"Well okay.. is it a nice dress?" I ask. 

"Um yeah it's okay, I'm not sure if it's 'the one' though" She says thoughtfully. 

"What!? I thought I was 'the one' ?" I say in confusion. 

"Noo! you are ,I mean, that's just what they call a perfect dress" She says. 

"Oh.. fair enough then?" I say. 

"Yes, fair enough, don't worry you're not being replaced yet" She laughs. 

"Okay, so is my suit meant to match your dress or?" I ask. 

"No, not really because my dress will just be like ivory coloured.. and no way will I let you wear an ivory coloured suit! so no, I'll help you with that when it comes to it?" She says. 

"Oh.. good because I usually just have someone tell me what to wear.." I laugh. 

"I know that Haz, if it's not a professional stylist it's me" She says. 

"Wanna speak to the kids?" I ask. 

"Sure, if that's okay?" She says. I turn and survey the empty park trying to work out where they would have gone, the swing is still in motion, but something jolts my mind, Darcy's strawberry ice-cream is on the floor.. she wouldn't have run off and left that without a fuss. 

"I gotta go, we'll be home soon.." I say trying to keep my voice normal. 

"Err.. okay bye Harry" She says in confusion but I can't hang up quick enough.

Shit.Shit. Suddenly my eyes are drawn over to the side road where a van is driving off, I squint at the guy in the front, he looks familliar. way too familliar. 

The van is already out of sight by the time I get to the road, it's too late to give chase, I don't know what else to do. I'm actually shaking, that bastard has taken our children. 

I don't know what to do, I get in the car feeling angry and I punch the steering heel harder than I need to making my knuckles throb. 

"Fuck" I mutter. 

The only person I can think to call right now is Louis, he'll know what to do. My palms have gone all sweaty, I suppose if there's one way to get back at me and Flora.. it's to take the children. I feel so bad, like it's my fault, all I had to be doing was watching them while I was on the phone and it would never have happened!

"Louis! Lou... " I say panicking. 

"Woahh, Harry what's up?" He asks. 

"It's Jordan! He's got the children..." 

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