I Do? Don't I? - Chapter 28

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Harry p.o.v

I probably dont take my eyes off of Flora for the whole ceremony, she looks gorgeous, glowing even, I'm holding myself back until I can kiss her, anticipation building up, being without her last night felt so much longer than it was. I find myself staring at her lips, perfectly filled in, in deep red, which compliments her skin tone perfectly. 

"You may now kiss the bride" are the words I've been waiting for,clapping and cheering starts, as I grab her waist, leaning down, putting my hand on her cheek as our lips meet,I feel her hot tears fall on my nose but I probably get a bit carried away with myself as I hear an unmistakeable Louis cough from behind us as we pull away awkwardly to about 100 amused faces. I look at her watery eyes smiling and I feel myself well up too wiping it away quickly.

We go back down the aisle as people emerge from their seats and we're both engulfed in hugs and kisses, I don't let go of Flora once and once we break free I have a chance  to tell her what I've been dying to. 

"You look beautiful" I say as I wrap my arm around her waist pulling her to me as we walk up the beach, the sun is beating down as it's just past midday, the rest of the guests mill around in their seats ,chatting until they come indoors. 

"You look... dapper, but also gorgeous, obviously" She blushes even I can see it beneath her already flushed cheeks. 

"Thankyou" I say giving her a hand up the few steps through the huge open doors and into the ballroom, it's cool inside the old building, but everything's ivory and blue, it's absoloutely gorgeous, and the best part is, it's completely recluded, even the private beach so no paparazzi will be getting any snaps at all unless we want them released. 

"Harry, I can't dance" She suddenly says. as we walk through the ballroom and into the dining room which is all laid out in tables decorated with what looks like blue rose petals!? and it smells of roses too. 

"It'll be okay, I know how to do it, you'll just have to hold on" I laugh weaving her in and out of the tables towards our huge white chocolate cake, because it's Flora's favourite, I see Antoine there as he smiles and gestures to Flora to pluck off one of the delicate white chocolate roses. She does so and puts it in her mouth. 

"It's amazing!" She smiles, giving antoine a thumbs up as we head back to greet the guests who are coming in, I manage to have a quick chat to Ed (who is also doubling up as our wedding singer) before we go out for photo's , we have one or more like 7 with just about everyone, and then the photographer makes us run into the water, during which I end up giving Flora a piggy back because she's so short and her dress will dangle right in the water, and trust me she's alot heavier whilst wearing her entire body weight in dress, but what can I say, I'm strong, but I also have to stand there whilst Louise re-does her make-up. 

"Come on sandy, I'm hungry" I laugh as I hold her hand while she puts her shoes back on, and kick a bit of sand at her.

Everyone's finally at the tables, and I'm between Flora and Lou at the top table, with Lauren on his side and then my parents and Gemma and Liam, her boyfriend Liam though not our Liam. 

I look at Flora, she hasnt touched her champagne, I know she likes champagne, expecially pink champagne which is what is currently filling her glass, instead she's drinking.. water? She's also kinda quiet but it seems to be going unoticed because everyone else is buzzing. 

"Why aren't you drinking?" I ask. 

"I am..." She says, but she sounds unsure, as she takes another mouthful of food, avoiding my eye contact, I put a finger under her chin tilting it towards me, looking her in the eye. 

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