I Do? Don't I? - Chapter 7

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Flora p.o.v

We knock on the huge oak wood door, a man answers, he's dressed smartly. 

"Hello welcome to the sea house, what are you interested in today?" He asks. 

"Well.. we saw you did weddings and it's a beautiful place, so we just came to have a look on the off chance..." Harry Says, I look around the entrace hall, it's beautiful, so grand, with a kind of beachy twist, huge shells and oil paintings of the beach, then photo's of the weddings they've had. 

I scoop Dylan up holding him tightly because he was about to make a beeline for a flower display. 

"Brilliant, do you want the tour? we can see if it's for you?" He says, eyeing Darcy, but smiling slightly where she's hugging Harry's leg, looking like butter wouldn't melt, sucking her thumb. 

Harry looks at me, I asess Dylan's patience, I look back at Harry and nod, I mean I'm not in a hurry to get married, but god knows what the waiting time for a decent date at a decent venue is. 

"Great then we'll begin" He smiles clapping his hands and rubbing then together.His eyes flash over my hand and my engagement finger, his eyes light up, he must know down to the penny how much it cost. 

I look over to the desk, there's a youngish blonde girl, and from my angle I can see her looking at a copy of heat her face frantically looking at it then back at Harry. I smile at her and she looks embarrassed, she obviously recognises him. 

"Lola! Champagne please?" He says. Her blonde-highlighted head snaps up she visibly jumps shoving her copy of heat in a draw and getting up. 

He only then looks at us questioningly. I shake my head and Harry nods. 

"Oh?" He looks at me, then gestures roundly over his abdomen. 

"No! no.. I'm driving" I laugh, frowning anyway, do I look pregnant? 

He starts his spiel on the grand entrance, how we can have photo's on the stairs etc. Just then, Lola comes hurrying towards us, a glass of champagne in one hand, and then two cartons of orange juice in the other she gives Harry his champagne, blushing considerably and then hands the kids the orange juice. 

I suddenly notice she drops a white slip of paper in Harry's pocket, He seems oblivious. 

"Lola, would you mind taking the children for an hour or so, just so we can concentrate on the boring parts. If that's okay?" He asks. 

"Erm.. okay?" Harry says.

"But I-" She starts. 

"Just do it Lola!" She sighs. Holding her hands out to the children, I frown and put Dylan down. 

As we move forward into the room where the reception would be held, I slide my hand into his pocket, he looks down.

"What are you doing Flora?" He asks. I look at the paper the girl put in. 

it reads 'Lola - 07983448161' 

"Oh for gods sake" I mutter as he snatches the paper from me frowning. He looks at me as if to say 'she needs to get a grip' and screws it into a ball. 

I take his hand and survey the room, I mean it is beautiful, incredibly so, like I said amazingly grand with a nautical theme. 

"And the ball room!" He interrupts my thought track, I look out the huge back windows, the sun streaming through onto the mosaic floor, making it dazzle all sorts of unanticipated colours. The beyond the windows the bug doors leading directly onto a stretch of private beach the waves lapping the shore. 

"And obviously the first dance would be held here, and the ceremony, out there" He gestures to the beach. Harry squeezes my hand which I assume is a signal he likes it as much as me. 

We follow him out onto the sand as he discusses sizes, masurements, prices etc.I don't think either of us really care, after the beach he leads us up the grand stair case, shows us each of the bedroom suites. 

We stop in one that's all white and gold, it is quite something, there is a huge four poster king bed and a blacony with the veiw of the beach. 

"And this is the grand suite, the one you'd be staying in if you get the whole package. I can leave you in here to talk?" He says.

"Sure" Harry nods and the man leaves. 

He instantly dives on the snowy white bed. I look at him raising my eyebrows. 

"What? I'm testing it out, I want the bang for my buck" He says. I cough, and bust out laughing. 

"Sorry what!?" I say, He's grinning too. 

"Well it's a saying..." He says. 

"I know what you meant" I say giggling and climbing on the bed too, staring at the draped fabric over our heads.

"So.. do you like it?" He asks.

"I love it" I say sighing. 

"Same, and this bed.. it's good, soft" He says. 

"It's not about the bed!" I protest. 

"Well at the end of the day... or night it really is about the bed" He says. 

"Fine, I like the bed, so it's a deal then?" I ask. 

"Yes, deal" He says looking at me, I look back and then he rolls over and kisses me, just door goes. We both stand up hastily.

"Have you come to a decision?" He asks. 

"Yeah.. we'd love to get married here" I say. 

"Brilliant! Well come downstairs to the office and we'll talk dates and prices" He says turning and leaving the room, we follow him downstairs to an office. 

"So, Let me look at dates" He picks up a diary and flicks through. Me and Harry look on expectantly.

"My gosh... the only we have for two years is 6 months time" He says. 

"Oh god" I mutter.

"Well 6 months is ages!" Harry says. 

"Harry... honey, in the wedding world 6 months is nothing..." I say. 

"Oh.. well is it possible?" He frowns. 

"Yes, definitely possible, just alot of hard work, if you're prepared to take it on?" He looks at me, because he obviously knows from experience wedding planning is left to the woman. 

"Yeah.. I guess" I say. 

"Brilliant, we'll take it" Says Harry.

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