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I Do? Don't I? - Chapter 26

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Harry p.o.v

I turn left down our road pulling in outside out house and looking down the front garden into the front window where I can just make out Flora's figure, she's blindfolded and a group of people are gathered around her, to be honest she looks rather put out. 

I don't know about her but I'm nervous, we're getting married tommorow. TOMMOROW. six months has gone soooo quickly. So tonight I'm staying at Lou's with Dylan and Tyger and Lauren's taking Pippa to our house, so she can get ready with Flora and her Mum, and my mum and all the other girls in the morning. 

First though, Flora needs to be given her wedding present from me, she has no idea about it, which means I can't wait to see her reaction, and I really have taken advantage of the chance to replace her silly little fiat 500, which luckily she didnt even get a chance to say goodbye to. 

I poke the horn with force as it blasts out across the street, I chuckle as I visibly see Flora jump, and and start complainging, I climb out of the brand new smelling car and stick the massive white bow on the bonnet as I lean against it, as best I can without putting smears on the glistening pearly white paint work. I see all the figures move from the room as Niall walks Flora forward. 

"What are you doing? I don't have any shoes on!" she huffs, it's okay it's not like the grounds wet or anything, it's baking hot. I watch as Niall tries to retain laughter. I nod at him to undo the blindfold and watch Flora's face as she clocks me... then the car. 

"What.. Harry? whose is this!?" She says walking a few dazed steps forward and running her hand over the paintwork. 

"Yours, it's your wedding present.." I say, she looks at me, green eyes widening. 

"What.. Harry, you bought me a  BMW M3!? " She says gawping at me. 

"Convertible" I say opening the side door leaning across and pressing the button which opens the roof. She watched the car in awe and I watch her as she watches the car. 

"It's gorgeous" She says. touching the paintwork lightly as she walks around it a couple of times. She peels the bow carefully off the bonnet and then moves back round to me. 

"Thankyou!" She says kissing me softly on the lips, and then putting the bow on my head, I look at her and  see her eyes are watering. 

"Don't cry, I didnt think you'd hate it that much!" I laugh. 

"No,No! I love it" She says as I plant the key in her hand. 

"Good, I thought you might" I smile, as the others come forward to have a look at it, I pick up Darcy and she steals the bow from me. 

"Wanna go for a spin?" I whisper to Flora. She nods at me grinning. 

"Guys, I'm gonna take Harry for a drive.. " says Flora. 

"Be good!" Says Louis. 

"We will" I say, getting in next to her. 

"What about us!?" Darcy says indignantly. 

"No kiddies car-seats, sorry guys" I say waving at her and Dylan and everyone else as Flora starts it up.

"It's runs so nicely" she says as she pulls out.

"Yeah, it even compliments your driving" I mutter.

"Shutup!" She says giving me a shove as best she can whilst adapting to steering the new car. Suddenly she pauses. 

"Harry.. what did you do with my baby?" She asks..

"What.. we have a baby you werent telling me about.. you kept that one quiet" I say.

"No! my car! my fiat, where is he?" She says, stopping at traffic lights and giving me a despaired look. 

"I'm looking after him" I say. 

"Oh.. I didnt get to say goodbye" She mumbles. 

"Yeah thank god" I say.

I manage to make myself seem genuinely sorry about her little car and make a note to self to get it scrapped or sell it a.s.a.p , I realise within a few minutes where we're going, as she pulls up smoothly in the grassy lay by. 

"Come on" she laughs. I take her waist as we walk through the tree's where the bright sun is dancing through gaps in the canopy but it's nice and cool as the water reflects the patterns, we circle it a couple of times hand in hand but Flora is desperate to get back to the new car. 

 While she's not looking I press the button that puts the roof up. 

"Woah, what're you doing?!" She demands. 

"Coming on to you" I say huskily. 

"What!?" She says with surprise

"Well we can't do it with the roof open can we?" I say climbing over to her seat and sitting with my legs either side of her, there's alot more room for this sort of thing in here, not that I thought about that whilst buying it or that I have a solid comparison, I mean we never had sex in the fiat 500...

"No! It's the night before we can't sleep together, that's not right" she says. 

"Technically it's the afternoon before.. it doesn't count" I say kissing her neck. 

"Harry no, we're doing this right .. you can wait until tommorow night okay?" 

"Okay... but it's gotta be the best ever.. yes?" I say cheekily. 

"Yes, now come on, I need an early night" She laughs opening the roof and shoving me off of her.

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