I Do? Don't I? - Chapter 23

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Flora p.o.v

"I can't beleive there's only two weeks until the wedding" Says Lauren as she straps Tyger and Pippa in the double buggy that used to be mine, now Dylan and Darcy prefer to walk.. or rather run everywhere. 

"I know right, I mean I thought six months was a long while" I laugh as we head out into the august heat, It's really hot actually. 

"Ugh, I forgot my sunglasses" I say as I squint at what's ahead of us shading my eyes with my hand.

"Oh quit moaning, you always have been a moaner" Laughs Lauren setting off down the road. 

"Hmph" I mutter, I suppose we're only going to Starbucks, the one where we both used to work until we had kids, we're meeting the other girls there. 

We get there after having to stop atleast twice for one reason or another, I swear everything takes 3 hours longer with children. Okay maybe that's a slight exaggeration but still. 

It feels weird coming in the front way and then after that not putting an apron on and clearing tables.. just heading over to a group of sofa's in the corner where the girls already are, Darcy clambers onto Paige as soon as she sets eyes on her, Paige is her favourite person at the moment, ever since she bought her the new peppa pig toy.

"Ive missed this place!" laughs Lauren, I nod in agreement as Alice goes to order our drinks. 

I listen to their conversations, I'm not really in the mood for it, It's really hot anyway, I sip my smoothie slowly, Im sort of stressed so Im letting my exterior fool everyone else. Dylan sits on me wiping his sticky chocolate muffin covered fingers on my bare legs. 

"Eww Dyl!" I say grabbing a napkin and wiping my leg. 

"Sorry mam" He says sweetly, peering up at me through his curls flopping over his eyes, which desperately need a cut.

"It's okay" I sigh, ruffling his curls. And letting him run off and climb on the stools by the window with Pippa.

"So.. when's the Hen?" Asks Juliette. 

"Err.. I don't think Im g-"  I start. 

"This Saturday!" Says Lauren. 

"Oh what!? wait... this is news to me!?" I say. 

"Yeah, that's the idea, leave it all to us" Lauren looks at Paige and I follow her gaze where paige has a smirk playing on her lips.

"WHAT!?" I demand. 

"Flora, it's okay, this is under control, you just turn up ready for a wild night" Grins Lauren, I frown in dissaprooval and see Lauren mouth *I'll explain the plan later* to Juliette and Alice, great.. so Im kept in the dark until Saturday. 

I ignore them as they exchange giggles across the table, a customer being served suddenly catches my eye, I look ever in confusion my memory totally deserting me. 

Then it strikes me, it's Alan! little old Alan, but he seems to have aged so much, especially since I last saw him and... 

I pause, Where's Rose!? She can't have.. I mean surely, they weren't that old? I panic, looking at Lauren frantically I know it's a fact of life obviously but still..

"Flora... didn't you know?" Says Lauren. 

"No..no, I didn't! why didnt you tell me?" I say, feeling a whole lot more upset about it than maybe I should do. 

"It never crossed my mind! She shrugs.

"Ugh, I mumble" Pulling my sunglasses off my head and over my eyes so as so hide the fact I'm welling up over something so silly. But I can't help it as I watch Alan sit down at their usual table, all by himself. 

I head to the toilets before I can be detected and I manage to arrive there without a child in tow. 

I look in the mirror wiping under my eyes and cursing myself for not bringing my bag so I can reapply my make-up I look up and nearly jump out of my skin as I see Paige behind me. 

"Flora! Why are you crying!?" She asks. 

"I err, Im not!" I say. 

"Bullshit!" She says. 

"I'm just sad because his wife died.. nothing serious okay!?" I say huffily leaning against the sinks. 

"Oh.. well if that's all it is" She says, seeming unsure. 

"Yeah, im okay" I say. 

"Good, but if you need any help at all, if you're stressed out, Im here, okay?" She says. I nod.. I hate telling people my problems, it's like admitting defeat and Im so stubborn, that's my worst nightmare.

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