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I Do? Don't I? - Chapter 20

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Harry p.o.v

It's late June and a perfect summer afternoon, yet again we're gathered at Lauren and Louis' house, this time for a barbeque. 

I pull my black wayfarer's off my head and over my eye's as the sun shines brightly onto the garden, I listen to Zayn and Niall heckle Louis' who is doing a shit job at starting the bbq, I can't be bothered to join in, I'd rather sit and let the sun warm me. 

Flora's in the kitchen helping Lauren and having a gossip with the rest of the girls I should think. 

Just then Flora comes out, cans of lemonade in hand as she walks up the garden where the kids are playing some kind of game on Pippa's climbing frame. 

I stare at her bum as she bends over to talk to them and give them their drinks. It's alright no-one can tell I'm wearing sunglasses.

"Harry, stop looking at her arse" Says Niall.

"What!? I'm allowed to" I say. 

"It's not very gentleman like though is it.. I mean, put your tounge back in" He laughs. 

"Hmph whatever, because you totally wouldn't do it to Paige" I mutter. as I make a point of staring at Flora's boobs as she walks back down the garden, she gives me a funny look and I stick my tounge out at her as she laughs going back through the french doors.

"Haz!?" Louis calles from the other side of the patio, he's still having a hard time with the barbeque. 

"What?" I say grinning knowing full well what he wants. 

"Er.. could you help me start the barbeque?" He asks. 

"Em I thought you said you could do it yourself hm?" I say grinning. 

"Well...oh for gods sake Harry, you know you're the bbq master, so help me or we'll never eat" He says with frustration. 

"Of course I wil baby cakes, why didn't you just say so?" I say mockingly, putting my beer down and heading over to him, I soon have it going as I watch on proudly. 

"How do you always do that!?" Louis says with disbeleif. 

"what can I say? I'm the man.. the myth, and the legend" I say laughing, before going to sit back down. 

Just then Paige and Juliette come out, giving Louis and Liam burgers to put on the barbeque before settling down next to Zayn and Niall. 

"Where's Flora?" I ask, as they sit down. 

"Helping Lauren and Alice with something.. why?" Paige asks.

"Nothing.. I just wanted to talk to her" I say shrugging. 

"Well you could go find her then?" Suggests Juliette, I nod getting up and walking through the french doors into the kitchen where Alice passes me. 

"Where are they?" I ask. 

"Erm.. in Lauren's room" She says smiling as if in confirmation and going outside, I frown going upstairs to Lauren and Lou's bedroom door where it's shut, I hear them both talking in hushed voices as I listen. 

"Lauren why have you dragged me up here!?" I hear Flora. 

"I think I'm having contractions" I hear Lauren. 

"Shit! we should tell Louis" Says Flora.

"Well I don't know if they are?! it's a week and a bit early, they could be those Braxton Hicks things" Replies Lauren.

"Well you know what contractions feel like mug, is it like them?" Flora asks. 

"Err I forgot" Says Lauren. 

"Useless" Mutters Flora.

"Sorry.. I need to pee, tell everyone I'll be down in a minuete" I hear Lauren and the foot steps and the en-suite bathroom door closing then more footsteps as the door opens in front of me. 

Flora squeals and jumps back. 

"Harry oh my god, you scared me to death, how long have you been there?" She asks, breathing quickly placing her hand on her chest. 

"Oh not long" I smirk.

 "So.. why are you up here?" She asks. 

"I needed to ask you someth-" I'm cut off by something that sounds like Lauren's tipped a bowl of water all over the bathroom tiles. 

"Fuck!" Flora says, rushing to the door and opening it, I follow straight behind her, it's pretty obvious what happened, Lauren's standing there a puddle beneath her, a look of shock on her face. 

"I'm gonna go get Louis...." I say leaving the room and taking off down the stairs two at a time. 

It's all systems go as Flora helps Lauren downstairs after packing her bag, I think the baby is like a week early so she wasn't ready at all. 

I know Flora desperately wanted to go with Lauren, but she has plenty of others and we already agreed to take care of Pippa, and Lou told us to stay at their's tonight, so we can take care of the pugs too.

It takes about an hour to get the kids into bed due to them being so over exited, and Flora ends up crashing out on the sofa so I decide to do the same. 

I wake to the sound of my phone ringing, the kids are already up and so is Flora, she's cooking breakfast from what I can smell and the kids are already in the garden with the puppies, I look at my caller I.D and answer it to hear an exitable yet tired Louis. 

"Haz! you have to come and see the baby asap" He says. 

"Okay! we'll be there soon!" I say, finishing the conversation quickly and we're soon in the hospital, Pippa runs ahead and into Lauren's room, I follow behind Flora where Lou and Lauren are sitting on the bed with the baby, he has light brown hair and is pretty small as it goes, Pippa jumps up onto the bed. 

"Awh! what'd you call him in the end?" Asks Flora. 

"Tyger" Says Louis. 

"Grrrrr Tigger Gr" Murmurs pippa as she touches his little scrunched up face, I watch Flora as she holds the baby, making little cooing noises as she rocks it gently, I know she misses it, because I do to.

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