I Do? Don't I? - Chapter 12

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Harry p.o.v

I wake up to the sound of Flora snoring softly.. I laugh, she doesn't often snore, it's not really snoring it's more snuffling, it's quite cute actually. 

"Shhh" I murmur into her ear.

"Mnghhh" She mumbles rolling over, so she's face down in the pillow. 

I look at the clock and see it's already 9, unusual that the children aren't in here yet. I give up and decide to keep bugging Flora. 

I blow on her face softly, and she mumbles at me again but doesn't take much notice. I realise my foot has been sticking out of the end of the duvet for about 2 hours and is cold, I move it back under bending my leg and placing my freezing foot right on her thigh which is currently toasty warm.

"Hey!" She says shoving me away. 

"Sorry" I mutter, atleast it did the trick, she's looking up at me now. 

"Where are the kids?" She asks before I have a chance to kiss her. 

"Does it matter?" I say kissing her before she can protest. 

"Yes" She says drawing away quickly. 

"We'll give them a few minutes" I say smiling and pulling her on top of me. 

"How are you not cold?" She asks, sitting upright on my midriff facing me, tracing her finger down my chest. I look at her shoulders where they've goosebumped as she's only wearing a white camisole top and shorts that a more like pants which I have to say I'm not complaining about. 

"Because I stole your body heat" I say. 

She bites her lip looking at me her head tilted at a slight angle hair falling down her shoulders. 

"What?" I ask.

"What, what?" She says. 

"What are you thinking about?" I ask. 

"You" She says grinning.

"Ugh, you're so secretive" I winding a strand of her hair round my finger. 

"Baby I don't keep secrets from you" She says putting her face closer to mine. 

"No?" I say raising an eyebrow. 

"No" She says kissing me. She's in a suprisingly good mood considering I woke her up. 

"Do you think we have time?" I ask trying to control myself and be adult about things. 

"We'd be lucky" She says. 

"I fancy my chances" I murmur cheekily as she kisses me again, I only just manage to get my hand on her bum before I hear the door go and we move off each other.

It's Dylan, curls flopping over his, dragging the blue teddy bear he's had since he was a new born behind him. He stumbles over to our bed sleepily clambering up and climbing over to Flora. 

"I know my place" I mumble as he curls up next to her, his head on her chest and his arm over her waist. 

"You had your chance" She laughs as Darcy arrives at the door, three barbie dolls in hand. 

"Help me up daddy" She says as she attempts to climb up with her hands full. I pick her up easily with one arm putting her on the bed. 

"Polly,Molly and Holly say hello" She says waving there plastic arms at me one at a time. 

"Harry says hello... ask Molly if she's met my doll yet?" I say raising my eyebrows. 

"Molly says she has, and she doesn't wuv you, you not as pretty as Niall's doll!" giggles Darcy. 

"Oi cheeky!" I say picking her up. and holding her in the air as she squeals. 

"Lemmie beat her up dad!" Says Dylan jumping up. 

"Woah, Dylan you don't beat up girls okay?" I say, trying to be serious even though they only play fight. 

"Okay, I saw you pinch mummy the other day on her bum.. pinching isn't nice is it?" He says with genuine confusion. 

"Well that is a lesson you'll come to learn, but for now, no pinching girls okay?" I say. 

"But you can't pinch girls either daddy" Says Dylan. 

"Or pull their hair, you did that to mummy too while you was kissing her" Says Darcy. 

"No that's different, mummy likes that.. it's like stroking her hair" I try and object. 

"No! that's mean, I'm not allowed to pull Lola's hair at nursery.. she my girlfriend" Says Dylan. 

"Fine, I won't, and you be nice to poor Lola then okay? No roughness?" I say. 

"K den" He says holding his hand out for a hi-five, I hi-five him on request and scoop him up. 

"Let's go make breakfast" I say scooping Dylan up and taking him downstairs where I start to fry bacon and eggs. 

"Dad when we going to see uncle Joey?" He says, it's weird because even though technically Joey is Dylans uncle, Dylan looks up to him. 

"Why are you in such a hurry?" I ask. 

"Cus he got new Ben 10 and he said I could have his old one, cus we're mates" He says with seriousness. 

"Well.. okay, maybe later?" I laugh.

Just then Flora comes into the kitchen. 

"I made you a bacon sandwhich" I say plonking it in front of her. 

"I'm not hungry" She say but she's still staring at it biting her lip I know she wants to eat it. 

"What did you put in it?" She asks. 

"Bacon and Cheese and Butter.." I say.

"Why would you put cheese in a bacon sandwhich?" She asks. 

"Because it's your favourite" I say grinning, she sighs taking a bite. 

"Mmm" She says at last. 

"Eat the rest of it!" I demand.

"Fine!" She sighs sitting down as I sit with her, we eat in silence for a bit.

"Harry.. I got a letter the other day" Flora says quietly. 

"Oh?" I say raising my eyebrows. 

"Yeah.. it was to say Jordan has just been released from Jail" She says, she's biting her lip again. 

"Really.. well, I hope he had a shit time in there" I say shrugging, as if it doesn't bother me, but it sort of puts me on edge.

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