I Do? Don't I? - Chapter 3

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Flora p.o.v

We pull up on Lauren and Lou's driveway to their big 3 storey house, I look up, I'm actually shattered I've slept about 3 hours in the last two days but there's not much I can do to stop myself running through the door. 

It's a reasonably nice day, for late feburary, the leaves are starting to sprout brilliant green and the morning frost fades quickly. 

Harry's close behind me as I use the heavy bronze knocker. Soon Lauren answers Pippa is perched on her hip, You can just make out her 4 month bump underneath her vest top. Louis and Lauren are expecting again, a boy this time I think ,which is cute. 

"Hey!" I say pulling her and Pippa into a double hug. 

"Hi guys, did you have a good time?" She asks.

"Yeah it was amazing! thankyou" I say as she puts pippa down and takes my hand admiring the ring.

"Oh my god! it's amazing" She says, it's quite alike to her diamond wedding ring, but I think my stone might be slightly bigger. I look at Harry, he shrugs adorably follwoing pippa through to the garden where she's dragging him by her tiny hand. 

"Come on, everyone's in the garden" Says Lauren grabbing a tube of pringles on the way out. 

"Oh we have a welcoming comittee?" I laugh. As soon as I get into Louis and Lauren's big garden the first person to throw themselves at my ankles is Dylan. 

"Mam!" he shouts.

"Hey Dilly Dally have you had fun?" I scoop him up as he clings to me burying his face in my chest. His short brown curls tickling me. He has hair exactly like Harry's even though Harry's wasn't like that when he was Dylan's age. His little dimple stands out like anything, most people say he looks more and more like Harry every day, which is undoubtedly true. 

"It was mazin mum, me and lou played footie and den I kicked the ball at his willy and he fell over so I scored!" He shouts exitedly. Louis winces as if in memory and I laugh. Harry comes over and Darcy reaches out for me so we swap as we sit down in the circle. I look up and smile across at Paige, she's Niall's new girlfriend and she's lovely but kind of shy. He had a messy break-up and she's definitely improved his mood and she often matches him in appetite despite having a body to die for. 

Then I look past Paige to Alice, Alice is amazing too also shy, but the boys even now, when they're together are slightly intimidating. And when they're with the kids, they have an excuse to be childish. 

"congratulations" Alice mouths at me, I smile back and nod thankyou before Darcy catches sight of it and grabs my hand instantly. 

"Pwiddy!" She says looking at it and trying to pull it off. 

"No way trouble! This is a special ring!" I say. 

"Mine?" She asks hopefully.

"Nope. You can have this one" I say laughing and shooting Harry a look as I pull off my gold ring with the peace sign on it and slide it over her thumb, it's still quite big.

"Married! Darcy get married!" She giggles happily. 

"To who?" I ask. 

"Uncle Niall!" She giggles, pointing at Niall who is currently making a beeline for Lauren's pringles, which beleive you me she isn't happy about. 

"Huh?" He says looking up hearing his name. Paige is laughing. 

"I marry you!" Exclaims Darcy intent on having her own way. Niall is great with the kids but he shoots a scared look at Harry anyway. 

"Sure.. if you like, I mean Zayn loves weddings" Says Niall. Darcy looks at Zayn he holds up his hands in surrender. 

"No way, I'm not getting tied down yet!" He laughs. Pippa hops down next to Darcy. 

"I find you pwitty dress!" She says. 

"Yeahhhh" shouts Darcy. And they run off upstairs. 

"You're bachelor days are over mate" Laughs Louis. Niall rolls his eyes and kisses Paige affectionately to show he wouldn't care at all. 

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