Chapter 11

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Chapter 11


                Pushing at the door, he furrowed his brow once more, she had not answered again. Was she backing out? He shook his head, no it was not going to help his gut clawing need to see her again if he allowed her to do that. Not that he minded if the physical act was put off till later… though he had dreamed of it, practically felt it. He shook his head again, no what he really needed was to make sure she was real once more. He needed to look upon her and finally convince himself that she was a creature of this earth and was not in fact a wisp of imagination or from another realm entirely.


                Deep cleansing breaths allowed him to step through the doorway with a single thought in his mind, until he caught a glimpse of the door across the room. It was ajar and the sight had him freezing in place. His breath catching and his eyes unblinking as they feasted in the sight before him. Pale creamy skin in brief glimpses between the light of the ajar door and the darkness within the room itself. She was obviously changing, yet, the image she created was spectacular. He had been with many a woman of all shapes and sizes, and really he was not proud of that fact with such purity before him. It made him feel dirty and not worth even being in the same room as her at this precise moment.


                Other parts of his anatomy, however, had other ideas. While the rest of him froze one part warmed and rose, tenting his kilt in a rather obvious way. He cleared his throat, but it seemed to be so loud in his head, even as she did not turn around he knew his own mind was amplifying everything within his mind. It must not have been as loud as he had imagined, and instead all he could do was watch and wait for her to notice his presence, for he could do nothing else at this very moment. It was as if he were in a dream, everything seemed a little off kilter, and he was out of sorts. Yet, the chill that permeated the air pulled him back to reality, his aching body a constant throbbing reminded of the present he currently stood in…wide awake.


                He dared not blink. His eyes stinging and dry when she finally disappeared behind the door, his eyes feeling as if grit had made a layer over his very eyes, as his eyelids dragged slowly over them. When they opened once more, the sting had not left, and neither had Rohesia come back into view from the dark of the room. His ability to breath was still questionable, yet not a question he was particularly cared about as he heard the rustle of cloth, and he could imagine it as she pulled it over the glowingly smooth white skin he had barley glimpsed.


                Licking his dry lips did nothing to moisten them as his mouth was equally as dry at that very moment. Blowing out air in a gust he took a step further into the room, turning to make sure the door was shut behind him, as he did not remember doing so. The gasp was what brought his attention back to the opposite side of the room.


                She was utterly radiant. Her eyes too wide in her face, large and round as they travelled over him. Her hair was a darker gold and he could see the damp curls sticking to the side of her face, and his own tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth just at the image she presented in his mind bent over with water cascading through her hair, her smooth milky skin chilling in the cool air. The dress she wore was a dark colour, and he wondered if he was dark brown, or if there was a hint of green within it. However, either way it was not the type of material or style he wished to see her in. It reminded him of how lowly she lived and he could not stand the image that created, she deserved so much more, and he hoped she would allow him to give her as much as he could before Alfred decided to take her away, or even marry her off as he had promised her.

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