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Chapter 14

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Chapter 14


                Artair looked upon Rohesia, her eyes vibrant, but not in the way he wished it to be. The terror of what she thought would happen when everything came out was clear in her eyes. It was not what he wanted from her, he wanted her to wish to tell him freely, yet, that in and of itself could take years for her to get to that point. At least in this, he knew that no matter what happened he would have the knowledge he needed, and would pull her forward past this when it was all out. For he knew deep within himself that no matter what she had to say, nothing could ever stop him from wanting her with this visceral need that had taken a hold of him.


                He could not find it within him to care for her loss of hearing, in fact the only thing that had happened was a leap in his protectiveness towards her. With that knowledge, which Alfred had so carelessly thrown at him, and which had wounded the fragile beauty before him, he had realised the link between her and the ‘lady’ he had so insulted in his mind, and the irony was not lost upon him. Shaking his head at the very foolishness he carried within him, he focused upon the one important soul in the room at that very moment, the one for whom terror was in every single breath she took.


                Her fingers clenched once more around his, and she licked her dry lips. Her eyes so wide and bringing a temptation to the scene he had not anticipated. But he tried his best to ignore that need; and to ignore the fact that Alfred was continuing to give him a look which he was sure Alfred would hope to kill him with. His focus, however, was completely on the English Angel before him. For nothing could divert his gaze from her at that moment, especially not a red hair, red faced mountain of English dirt. Sniffing a little just at the thought of the other male, and wishing he could be alone with Rohesia once more, having that relaxed smile spread slowly across her face. But neither could have that again until all the secrets were aired, no matter how soon it actually was for this to be aired.


                It was a block between them, and he was not going to let it block the path for them completely. So he squeezed her hand back, though not enough to hurt, only to let her know he was there. And he sat back a little to listen, showing he was going nowhere, and that right at that moment, the only thing in his world…was her.


                When she talked, she had no idea where to begin, and so starting where her father had always said to. She started at the beginning. Explaining about the illness which had taken her to the very edge which separated life from death. How she had teetered there for such a time that most thought she would perish, only for her to come out the other side of it one weak morn, the sunlight thin in the air as she had breathed her first in an utterly silent world. Which had stayed the same since.


                She talked of how her life had changed dramatically in such a short space of time and as such how she had had to learn to hide her new status. How she had found a solace in the stables, away from her mother and through the serfs she encountered there, she had found a voice once more and an ability to live as part of the world which had changed so much for her, and yet carried on much the same for everyone else. Her relief of her new found voice must have shown on her face, as she was brought back to the present with the knowledge that she was not alone. Her fingers felt the pressure of Artair’s hand upon her own.

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