Chapter 42

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Chapter 42

The mist melted away on a breeze that could not be felt. It did not stir her hair or her clothing, and nothing was touched on Sheena opposite her either. It was a sight which would not be forgotten, no matter how long she managed to live, for she knew something had gone wrong. She could not have gained access to this place through natural means, and she wondered if it was so serious that she may never see Artair once more. There was a feeling within her that she knew he would never leave her side and even the chill within her, that tried to remind her of what had happened, but which a 'knowledge' of Artair melted away. Leaving her with a knowing that no matter what, Artair cared about her, and never would he break a promise to her.

As the light finally began filtering through their surroundings could finally be seen. The thick rolling fog had been masking a most beautiful and vivid sight. The colours filtering through from the monotone grey, which had shielded her vision, from where they were. Not that she actually knew where exactly that was. If she had left her previous life, and entered the realm of heaven, then she very much could see why people wished to end up here for the rest of eternity. Brilliant sunlight lit the area, warmth touching upon her in gentle waves, a pleasant comforting feeling enveloped her. Breathing easily it was easy to see why songs had been made of such a place.

Summer smells hit her senses. Filling her lungs deeply with floral hints laced with woodland pines and the scent that could only be that of the great outdoors. Fresh, clean and warming, a comfort even in the dead of night. But in the glorious day it was showed everything that was good about being alive...if in fact she was still alive. She felt it, but then again, she could not say that is not how you felt after death, if this was in fact where you went. She knew no one who had come back from death, so she could not exactly ask them for their knowledge on the matter.

Turning slowly, she took note of all, every detail shining out in a singing array of colour and sound. The grey melting away leaving behind something that looked so new and untouched, even as she could hear the sound of chatter nearby. Indicating that there was in fact life in this fae like woodland. Trees towering nearby, were spaced apart, there was enough room between each on for her and Sheena to pass between side by side, and still have room for a few extra as well. Yet she and Sheena seemed to stand in the centre of a clearing, smallish compared to some she knew of, but of an adequate size to lay in the sun and soak in its healing rays.

The grass beneath her feet lush and reaching to tickle above her ankle bone, which was when she realised that she was barefoot. The green was so bright after the grey that she had to blink several times before she managed to look at her surroundings without been blinded by the colours she felt she was seeing for the first time in her life. Like finding she could hear again, it was as if a smoke screen had been removed from her eyes.

"I cannot believe this." Sheena's voice had her pulling her attention back to the situation at hand. "Cannot believe what?" Rohesia noticed that the sturdy, take charge demeanour which had come over Sheena had once more given over to shock. If she was in shock, then Rohesia had to wonder if she was safe anymore. "Sheena..." reaching out to take a hold of the woman who had been for there when she had most assuredly looked similar only minutes before, she realised...the difference between them was she had no idea what to do to make it better. "What can I do?"

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