Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

Artair furrowed his brow as he left the comfort of the large house Kendrick had found for them. Kendrick was a lot quieter than he had ever seen him before. There was a crunch under his boot on the fresh top snow that covered the grey sludge underneath. Shaking his head to clear it, he brought his mind back to the topic at hand. Rohesia had been sentient all of around five minutes earlier, and he had lit up inside, he was not able to crush the little bubble of hope that was surfacing that soon she would be back on her feet once more.

“What are you planning?”

Swinging his head in Alfred’s direction, he did not know what to say for a moment. When had this male become his ally? It was a most peculiar thought. “I will let you know when I know.”

A grunt of disapproval was all he gained in response. But since Alfred was not forthcoming with a plan, it was obvious that he was most definitely not in the right mind to make a wonderful plan which would have them storming the breaches. So instead they both stayed silent for a moment, and took the steps to get them closer and closer to the situation he hoped would go his way. Aonghus was better with his words, no matter that it was he who was seen as the twin who gained whatever information was needed. Aonghus used the prettier language, whereas Artair was silent wait it out type…he just did not think he had the patience this time. Not with Robert.

Blowing out a misting breath, he looked up at the blindingly blue sky. It was so crystalline in its clearness that the eyes hurt to look upon the brightness above. As if God himself was making his very presence known. He only hoped that he was on his side this day. The crispness of the air burning a little as he inhaled swiftly, his feet still crunching through the fresh snow, now though it was only a little thinner as he could see more tracks made by busy feet as they entered a busier section of the city. Slowly leaving behind the privacy gained by money and status, and entering the realm of the ordinary people…this was definielty where Artair felt more alive, more himself once more.

Alfred stomped ahead of him, he watched passively as Alfred led the way to the house they had managed to commandeer for this meeting. The occupiers making themselves scarce for the right price. It was neutral ground as far as Robert was concerned. Owner’s away, random area of the city and a brisk walk from either of their own abodes. What Robert did not know was that Kendrick and he had spent at least the first month of their time in Edinburgh living in that house until they had decided to look for their own abode.

As they turned the final corner, a shiver ran down Artair’s spine. A shiver which had nothing to do with the chill of the air. Something was wrong, and he did not know from which direction it was coming from. There were too many bodies around. Too many people going about their business and too many people having motives and abilities that could not be seen or known from the surface. He was a perfect example of that very fact. Alfred, however, was practically at the house they were heading towards.

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