Chapter 40

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AN - Hi, I think a lot of you are going to wonder and hate me because of this chapter... PLEASE make sure you read till the end of the chapter. It took a lot out of me to write this and I hope you can feel the emotions within it! Az x (please make sure you read until the end!)

Chapter 40

Artair's heartbeat was loud in his own ears, the rushing sound of the voices around all merging in with the beat. He knew that by the time they had reached safety, it was Alfred, not he, who managed to get them there. Artair's mind had blanked the moment he felt the soft whispers of breath stop against his throat. The moment he looked down and all he saw was the beautiful shell that had once held the treasure of a soul within. The world had never seen such goodness before. It had treated that precious pearl with a harshness it never deserved, yet it had still shone beyond compare. Now a blanket had been thrown over that shine, erasing it from the world forever.

And it had taken the only part of him that was worth anything with it. He was as empty inside now as she was. She had taken his soul when he had not been watching. Taking it with her as she departed from this world. He could have railed that she had been selfish for stealing the only goodness within him, but he could not find the ability to care. In fact, if anything it was true, it was that he did not deserve anything from Rohesia, for she had been too good for him even to look upon her. She had chosen to take something from him, gratitude should be the only feeling he had there. Yet his entire being was numb.

It was a contradiction, he could not feel anything, so therefore he felt numb. Surely that was feeling something? Shaking his head he stared at the face before him that look as if sleep had overcome her. Only this sleep he could never wake her from. No matter how long he sat on vigil beside her, no matter who he searched for, or what healing potion he found. He would never again see that light in her eye, the one that spoke of hidden mischief and of the potential to laugh. He would never again be whole. In fact, he would never again feel anything, of that he was sure.

He was empty. A hollow husk who could move, act and react. But never again would he be Artair. The small room they occupied had been graciously donated to them from the elder of the small village they had landed within. Alfred had been the one to spot the lights in the darkness. His focus on the road ahead, whilst Artair had lost himself in the deep despair. He had no idea how they had gotten so far, his mind stilled at the moment he realised a part of him had left forever. All he knew was that Alfred had somehow managed to spy the safety in the wilderness. Had managed to convince the sceptical people that they were safe; to help them in their hour of need. Artair could not even say what the owner of this cottage looked like, only that he was male and older.

The only thing he knew was the noise they made was like bees in summer. Buzzing around his head. None of their words made sense. Only the still and silent face before him. The pale hands clasped perfectly against her stomach. Her hair soft and placed like a golden crown about her. Sunshine in the middle of winter. Black lashes resting gently against her cheeks and lips slightly parted as if air were to pass between them at any moment. Teasing his mind with the idea that she would. Just one last time. His heart squeezing painfully each and every time his mind re-realised that fact Rohesia was no longer a part of this world.

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