Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

                Watching Alfred pace was quickly becoming a wearying pastime. At points she could feel the vibrations of his stomps through the floorboards beneath her own feet. All she could do was sit and wait him out, he would eventually get to his point and then they could both move forward, but he did know how to brood before any conclusion was reached.

                With the tip of her index finger, she rimmed the top of the rough wooden cup. The water within had been a little questionable as to whether it was fresh or not. The well in which the street used having rumours about it having other unsavoury items within it. It was better not to think on such things. If she fell ill, well it may stop the lecture about to spew forth from Alfred as he had sped up even further showing just how close he was to letting her know what he was thinking. Leaning back in the uncomfortable wooden chair, she wistfully thought back to the few comforts she could make if only they had the spare coin for the materials to do so. Blinking rapidly, she had the inkling of a plan starting within her mind. Wondering if it could work? Alfred would be happy as she would not even have to leave the rooms to complete it.

                The legs she saw enter into her line of vision had her looking up warily to see Alfred with his arms crossed before him. “Alfred?” His brow furrowed, and she knew she had made little to no sound. Her hand coming up to her throat, to feel the vibrations as she spoke, knowing that louder was better, as Alfred would wish to hear her rather than not. “Alfred? What can I do for you?” He lowered his arms, and she was sure he sighed, his shoulders going up and down the rhythms of it. “My…” at her glare he changed his words. “Rohesia, you have to put your safety first. I know you were having difficulty in the crowd, and I have no issue with you having to stop on the other side of the street. But…”

                He paused and she knew he was about to mention her Scotsman. And for some reason she felt a little spark of anger within her. He had no right to talk of her Scotsman. She was bemused for a moment, she had no idea why she was feeling so protective of a male she had seen only twice. Shaking her head mentally, she looked back at Alfred hoping she had not missed anything. “…dangerous.” Well, it looked as if she had missed something, but she would not mention she had done so. It seemed she was already in enough trouble. As he stared at her he seemed to be waiting for a response, so she just nodded, not entirely sure as to what she was agreeing to but knowing it was the response he was looking for.

                “Good, because I have managed to find out some information I think will help find the male your father was doing business with.” Alfred wiped a hand down his face, she had a feeling he muttered something to himself, but she missed anything he might had been saying. When he finally looked at her his expression was grim, and he looked tired for the first time. She felt guilty, as it was her fault he was here at all. But before she could voice anything of her feelings he continued and her concentration went to his lips once more, trying not to miss anything. “You father did not make this easy, though I suppose he did not expect to die so soon. But I may be out for most of the day tomorrow, and up until the weekend it may be the same.” He knelt before her once more, his hands on the arms of the chair on either side of her.

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