Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

His temples pounding, and his mouth feeling as if something furry had crawled in to it during the night. Moving slightly he turned his head to a more comfortable position in which to breath once more. Only to groan at the crick in his neck, he cracked his eyes, and blearily took in his surroundings. It took a while for him to work out exactly where he was, the angle he was laying in making it difficult to work out his exact position with a brain which was not working fully at this time.

His tongue thick in his head, as he slowly dragged gritty lids over his eyes again and again, until eventually the world around him was in cleaner lines around him. The room was shadowed, but had enough light as not to spear into his brain, though it was enough for him to see he was still in the front room where he and Kendrick had finished the rather delightful bottle he had retrieved from his secret hiding place.

Only, it did not seem so delightful right now, especially with the battle march happening in his mind right at that moment. Another groan, as his muscles protested the position he was in upon the floor. His right hand was trapped between the hard floorboards and his stomach, and his free arm was bent at a rather perplexing angle which shot pain through his shoulder when he tried to move. Had he literally passed out from his and Kendrick’s pity party? Did he even need to ask that question? The answer was pretty much in his position on that floor, the odd angle showing the glint of a coin under one of the cabinets over by the far wall.

Was this turning out a good day so far? Well, something of monetary value was always welcome. His mental and physical state, and the fact he still had not move more than to turn his head for easier breathing, meant that he still had a very long way to go before it could be classed as a good day by any standard.

A groan from behind him had him turning his head slowly to the other side. Kendrick seemed to have passed out sitting against the wall, only now he had slumped somewhat and the angle had to have been hard on his back and shoulders. Not that Artair could really have any sympathy at the moment as he very much had a thoughts on his own predicament, and the stiffness and soreness that was his body. As Kendrick groaned once more, and his eyelids flickered, Artair licked at his lips in an attempt to moisten his lips in order to speak.

In a hoarse whisper that rasped his throat, he had to clear his throat a few times before he could be understandable. His head throbbing louder each and every time. “Keep the noise down Kendrick. I am having enough trouble as it is.” Whilst Kendrick did not fully open his eyes, his lips turned up a little at the corners. “And we still need to discuss that punishment I need to deal out due to your deal making.” With a thunderous groan, he pushed past all the pain which assaulted him and pulled himself up to a sitting positon. Unable to fully keep a clear head he had to pause once he was sat, and let the room settle a little before he could do much more then breathe and try to keep his stomach from rioting and join in with the battle cries taking over his mind.

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