Chapter 13

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Chapter 13


                Rohesia tried to step around Artair, but his large frame moved subtly with her, always finding her next move before she knew it herself. Unable to do anything more than stomp her foot in frustration and look around his arm, she felt her own face flame from embarrassment and disappointment as she saw Alfred looking apoplectic before her. Part of her was a little angry at the fact he had stated he would not be back before dark. Only here he was, and the largest part of her was mortified at the fact she had been caught by the one male she did not want to see disappointed with her. Not now, after everything he had done for them both, she could not burden the guilt over what this would do to him.


                Her eyes wide and unblinking as she tried to catch Alfred’s gaze. Hoping beyond hope to see some kind of acceptance and forgiveness for her actions. But his entire being was focused entirely upon the male before her. Unfortunately that meant she was only going to be able to be involved in half of the conversation. As frustrating as that was, she knew Artair was not moving to accommodate something he knew nothing about, and Alfred was giving her none of his attention at that precise moment.


                Her eyes flashing between Alfred and the back of Artair with the side of his face in view she knew he was speaking but not the words which left him. Tentatively she raised her hand and placed it in the centre of his back, hoping for some vibrations to tell her the modulation of his voice. If he was shouting then she hoped she would feel it, even if she could not know what was being forced from him. The movement changed beneath her palm to take on the natural movement of breathing, and so her gaze landed instead upon Alfred, and her concern for his health soared once more, he looked spitting mad and his face and hair could have merged together for the most part, except for the places he was now beginning to turn purple.


                “How…” Alfred’s mouth worked but if any words came out they were unintelligible to her. Artair’s movements gestured wildly, and she had difficulty keeping her hand in position enough to know whether the match between these two was becoming even more heated, the same, or, if she dared hope, actually started to calm…however, it did not seem as if that would be the case anytime soon.


                Taking in the quickly changing stances of the males, how they were taking up defensive positions and their eyes soaking up their opponents as they sparred with words. But all of it leading to the conclusion that they would soon be sparring with their fists. Alfred had won before, with a simple swing of his fist. But Rohesia had a feeling swimming in her gut that Artair learnt from every mistake, and never let it happen again. For any mistake could mean his life, and for someone so much larger than life, he lived for every second of it and would not let it be cut short by anyone else. Only the God Almighty himself could take on Artair and truly win. For he was the only one who could truly stop him in his tracks.

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