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Highlander Stories

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Highland Wolf Bride by pupbooks
Highland Wolf Brideby Pup Books
Taken by the Scottish Highland Wolf as His Bride Brooke Howard Lady Berthilda Brooke Howard is born to the Earl of Carlisle, with a charmed life in a beautiful castle th...
  • highland
  • historicalfiction
  • scotland
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A Highlander's Night by Jessfairy88
A Highlander's Nightby Jessfairy88
When Jessica and her friends went on a trip she didn't know the adventure she will start on, that will lead her into her new a wonderfully magic life. Duncan/OC
  • duncan
  • magic
  • mackeage
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The Lady's Highlands by CherishTheStorm
The Lady's Highlandsby Alex Giusti
Lady Scarlette is not a Lady like any other. She is wild and easier found running the grounds with her common-folk childhood friends from the "heathen" country...
  • fantasy
  • highlands
  • adultery
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Blood of my Blood by xLovEtoLivEx
Blood of my Bloodby allie dawn
It's year 1718 in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. Greer McIver grew up standing in the shadow of her older brother Duncan, the next laird of Clan McIver. His sudden...
  • scotland
  • highlander
  • love
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Highlander: The God Of Kingdom Come by Bachmann40
Highlander: The God Of Kingdom Comeby David Bachmann
Alexander Corvinus is immortal. He has existed thousands of years and has travelled the Earth trying to teach immortals and humans alike of their true origins. His swor...
  • highlander
  • immortals
  • duncanmcloud
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Knights of Stone: Mason -- Highland Gargoyles Book 1 by LisaCarlisle
Knights of Stone: Mason -- Highlan...by Lisa Carlisle
Few have ever dared to cross the boundaries--until now... With a quarter century of burning hatred between the inhabitants of the Isle of Stone, Kayla knows all too wel...
  • witches
  • witchesandwizards
  • pnr
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Racco (Cavemen Series) by CncrDyl
Racco (Cavemen Series)by CncrDyl
A city girl meets a highlander hunk in a rural beerhouse. When things go on with heat they can not stop each other to beat what their bodies are feeling. Either the city...
  • caveman
  • possessive
  • highlander
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Cap 5 by JoiceMascena
Cap 5by Joice Mascena
  • highlanders
Blade of Innocence: A Highlander TV series fan novel. by MichelleLevigne
Blade of Innocence: A Highlander T...by Michelle Levigne
Duncan's newest student is a girl who is unaware of her future as an Immortal -- as soon as she dies her first death. Seemingly innocent, Darcy turns out to be the adop...
  • fanfiction
  • highlander
  • tv-tie-in
Scotland, My Love by 1goldengal
Scotland, My Loveby 1goldengal
This is a sonnet about a young english woman that finds herself in love with Scotland and the lover of her life. I hope you enjoy it!! With love, Katherine
  • sonnet
  • poem
  • scotland
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The Lairds Lasair by TanyavandenHeever
The Lairds Lasairby Tanya van den Heever
  • romance
  • fiction
  • action
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Prólogo: En la oscuridad de la noche by CailleachBeirrie
Prólogo: En la oscuridad de la noc...by CailleachBeirrie
Cuando te encuentre, el dolor cesará.
  • brujas
  • clanes
  • noche
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Warren Delmage by DavidTemrick
Warren Delmageby David Temrick
(I'm a huge fan of the Highlander franchise and back in 2009 I wrote a short story which could have spawned more stories if I hadn't moved on to writing my first novel...
  • highlander
  • immortal
  • sword
The Chaser by AlenRio
The Chaserby Alen Rio
After losing his family to forces he didn't understand, a former minister sets out to avenge their death only to find that his actions may tip the balance between justic...
  • scoff
  • adventure
  • soul
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Grandel Isle: The Queen's Protector by ToniaViles
Grandel Isle: The Queen's Protectorby Tonia Viles
A Contemporary Fantasy about the fate of a world that fights a war to protect a world they have never seen, Earth. Nestled in between several mountains is the small quai...
  • dragon
  • lowlanders
  • mystics
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The Princes of the Universe by LaKeishaChestnut
The Princes of the Universeby LaKeisha Chestnut
Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose form the most dominant group in the WWE, but they are also immortals about to enter a dangerous game. They enlist the help o...
  • deanambrosefanfiction
  • highlander
  • romanreignsfanfiction
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