Chapter 12

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Chapter 12


                Catching her breath, she looked over at the male beside her as he wiped away the tears which had gathered in the corners of his eyes. His face was alight with mirth, and she felt a stab of disappointment for the first time in years. He laughed with such abandon and yet she could not hear the sound of it. The sound vibrated the air so that she could feel it, but the very fact that she could not hear the timbre of it made her truly wretched for the first time in an eon. She did not want to look upon her position in life with maudlin eyes, but Artair made her miss something she had not truly thought upon in a bad light since that morn she awoke this way. Yet, at the same time she could not regret his presence, for it added something to her which she had never known she had missed.


                Watching him closely, she could not actually remember what it was that had been said to which had caused such frivolity from the both of them. Nonetheless there was a part of her which recognised the work he was putting in to put her at an ease with how they were. That she not feel as if he had rejected her in some way. She was glad, after that initial rejection, that he had wanted this instead. It may never have been something she could have lived with if she had not known the actually man behind the mask he puts up to life. She could see the tender soul he held within the toned and honed lethal body he held in such a relaxed pose it made her wonder if it was an act and he would spring to action at a moment’s notice.


                He looked towards the door and frowned, but soon turned back to her his expression clear and open once more. She did not want to ask what had been so wrong, and so did not. Instead she focused on the here and now. Finally being ‘normal’ with someone who thought she was the same as everyone else. She did not want to be special in his eyes for any reason, just…’normal’. Allowing her some semblance of a dream she had never been able to be a part of before.


                There was something about being able to forget the worries in life and just be in the moment. No one expecting anything from you except your company and a few words. Even if they had been in complete silence she knew it would have been comfortable. Not that she was not comfortable in silence anyway. But she knew some people could not handle a world without sound within it. They fidgeted and looked to anything they thought may inspire a topic of conversation. Artair, however, seemed content to sit a while and look into the middle distance, and then come alive in a flurry of words she barely managed to catch all at once. When she missed something she laughed and he blamed the fact she could not understand him due to his accent. She did not, nay, could not tell him the truth and have him loose that light in his eyes as he looked at her. So instead she only nodded, and complained that her delicate English ears just could not take the difference.


                When in fact, it was just that they could not take in sound at all. While it may not be a full lie, the guilt was still there in the pit of her stomach eating away at her. There was something to it that made her just a little uncomfortable with the situation, but not enough for her to stop anything that was happening. She just could not put a stop to what was happening, not with all the other emotions floating around inside of her at that very moment.

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