Chapter 43

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Chapter 43

Thinking back it was as if she was reliving it again, everything flooded back with a crystal clarity that made her think seriously over whether or not she was actually back in that time, or just trapped in her own memory.

The stick was heavy in her hand, but she was not relinquishing it, she was not going to lose to them. They would never let her live it down, and even though she had won against them individually before, if they won as a group against her it would be an embarrassment she could not come back from. Swinging right she managed to hit Broden in the leg hard as she ducked the blow coming her way from Taveon. They boys were four years her senior and in her mind they did not possess the skill she did. They also could not move as quickly or as agile as she could. Meaning she could get in more blows, even if they were less powerful.


The three other boys stayed back a moment, Struan was the most reluctant to become involved, as her first cousin he knew what she was fully capable of. He also knew that his mother would make sure he regretted any injury he inflicted upon her as her father would inform his sister of each and every one. As a girl she was allowed to fight the boys if she wished, but if any harm came to her, then she knew her father would be straight on to the boy's parents as they should respect the girls of the village. Even if half the scrapes she got were her own fault entirely. It was nice to know she had that safety net in case the boys got egos bigger than they ought to.


It was one reason she liked fighting with the boys who were older than her. It both tested her skill and allowed her to knock them down a few steps, for they were all a little too cocky for her liking. Why should she not be allowed to fight and join in their games just because she was a girl? So she tried to show them as often as possible just how wrong they were in picking on and taunting her. Making sure if they drew blood they left a lot bloodier that she did.


Using the summer rain which had fallen that morn, she slid on the grass swiping at Taveon's legs as she passed, and tired not to smile to widely as he fell. Landing with a squelch in the soggy grass. The three who had so far stood back rushed forward, but it was Broden she had to look out for, parrying his wooden sword with her stick. Artfully ducking beneath his attempted hit and attacking him square in the stomach, causing him to release a gust of air as she winded him. To say elation ran through her at that moment was an understatement. Turning she glared at the three who had paused and stared at her dubiously.


Hearing Taveon grunt as he pushed himself up from the ground, she spun, only for a dizziness to overcome her. It was strange. She was in her body and not, all at once. She saw herself falling, and the bizzare expression that came over the boys before her, but she did not feel herself hit the ground. Instead all she knew was darkness, swallowing her whole and as she blinked the world was a misty grey. Fog swirling around her, clouding her vision of everything. Spinning quickly all the way around, only to come up short when, facing the original direction, Senga was directly before her. Looking upon her quizzically, both wondering why they were here...and where here was. Panic start to set in on Senga's face. But Sheena felt a thrill of excitement. She had never had a sense of self preservation, or so her mother told her often...whatever that actually meant.

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