Chapter 51

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Chapter 51

The horse would not settle under his grasp, it was flighty, ready to take off at a moment's notice. Artair could not help but feel it was just picking up on his own emotions, though the moment he had seen the fellow he knew that he was high spirited as it was. Holding a rosy cheeked Rohesia tightly before him, he could not help but wear a grin that said he had gained every desire his heart had held. Rohesia on the other hand had not been able to look anyone in the eye since they had left the bed and stumbled to dress at the irate knocking Alfred had persisted in.

She had also been pink cheeked for the majority of the time since leaving the small cottage. Only speaking once, to ask the kindly priest his name so as to thank him properly. Father Thomas, had then whisked them up a hearty meal 'the better to start a long journey on' and informed them all of his plan. Alfred, it seemed, had heard at least part of it already, but his furrowed brow and set chin, showed that he was not impressed in the slightest with anything that was going on there at all. In fact the glares he sent Artair's way could have melted ice itself...if he had any power to do so. Unfortunately for Alfred, his gaze did nothing but make Artair grin all the wider.

It was sometime later, as the witching hour approached that Father Thomas had left the little cottage and its sleeping inhabitants, only to return not ten minutes later to awaken them all. In stealth, they had taken what provisions they could, for somehow the priest had managed to gain quite a collection of blankets and food stock for one who travelled for the majority of their life. No one had asked where he had procured the horses from, for both Artair and Alfred understood that they were needed and as the priest had not owned up to owning them, they could only assume some poor fellow would awaken with three horses having slipped their hobbles.

Rohesia on the other hand, was sleep warm and rosy cheeked, still trying to avoid all eye contact with those around her, as she knew they knew what had happened in that cottage earlier that day. For the priest had insisted on the sheets being taken with them to prove to Artair's clan that they were indeed fully wed. The embarrassment would have made her hide away from all if she could have, but that luxury was a million miles from where she was right at that moment. They were once again running for their lives, only this time they could add horse thieves to the list of misdemeanours. Father Thomas was a strange little man, who even now had a large smile on his face, as if he was about to enjoy a grand adventure, whereas all Rohesia could see ahead of her were cold nights, and freezing days of hard, arduous travel.

Sat comfortably before Artair once more, on the largest of the three beasts, she knew she was safe. Every time something had happened to her, since she had met Artair, he had been there to help her pick up the pieces. Each time not caring that she had caused the trouble to begin with, but helping her to shoulder the burden. Relaxing back against his chest, she felt the sigh leave her as he tightened his arms around her. Making her heart squeeze out and unsteady beat for a moment or two. She may be embarrassed by what had occurred, but that was only because both Father Thomas and Alfred had been waiting right outside for them to finish. What she really wanted was a moment alone with Artair to know that she had not been a complete disappointment to him. He had not acted as such, but she knew she was inexperienced and he had admitted himself to having at least some experience in this aspect.

He had admitted it was different with her and she had felt the emotion he spoke of. It had peaked in unexpected ways, causing tears to prick her eyes as pleasure had consumed her, yet she needed to know he had felt the same afterwards that he had beforehand. The problem was, however, that both Alfred and Father Thomas had been there for every moment afterwards, especially with Alfred only giving them a few moments afterwards before he nearly beat down the door.

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