Chapter 24

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Chapter 24


                There really was nothing she could do or say which would make herself feel better in this precise moment. She tried so hard, she really did, to look for the brighter side. Had promised herself that she would pull herself out of this mood and it would not lead to an extended feeling of depression she seemed to have fallen into. With a silent sigh, she looked out of the open shutters to the bustling street below. So many people, rushing here and there, lives of their own, worries of their own, and each and every one would think her situation laughable if she explained it.


                These people actually had issues that concerned more than being betrothed to someone that she would have been quite content with not knowing only days before. Now it seemed to be the direst situation she had managed to find herself within. She knew many of the women below her would in fact trade anything to be in her position right now. From what Alfred has told her of her betrothed he was Laird of his clan, which meant security of a roof and food…well as long as there was no famine over the coming years and that the food was preserved well for the winter months.


                Why he was away from his clan during winter was the main issue she had with him. Surely he should be there with his people? Helping them through a dangerous time. She knew that the highlands were cut off from all others during the deepest of winter months. Artair had taught her that. He was cut off from his family until the spring sun managed to weakly, and very slowly, melt the paths enough for people to pass once more.


                Folding her arms across her chest as a particularly freezing breeze filtered through the door. She could not stop her teeth from chattering a little as she pulled her threadbare cloak a little tighter around her. Not that it was any barrier to the wind which was reaching to her very bones.


                She just could not tear herself from the window. Alfred had even lit a fire to try and entice her away from her precarious ledge. But she had effectively shut him out by turning her back upon him. He had not tried to get her attention since, knowing that she would not be receptive to anything he had to say until she had improved her own frame of mind.


                A flash of colour caught her eye, and she found herself searching for it once more within the crowd. Only to have disappointment lay in a heavy lump on her heart when she realised it was not the person she had been waiting to see…not that she was waiting for anyone in particular.


                At least that was what she was telling herself.

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