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Highland Dream (Book 1) by AzMaz90
Highland Dream (Book 1)by AzMaz
The Druids were a hunted people long ago...they made a pact to scatter their children throughout time to keep them safe from the massacre to come. These children became...
  • highland
  • druid
  • rain
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Highland Promise is now published! This is the version I sold to my publisher. To read a revised version with new scenes and a new chapter go to Amazon at https://goo.gl...
  • scottish
  • romance
  • medieval
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Typewriters Can't Sing by merlinforever22766
Typewriters Can't Singby Ariana
"You know? For me, it's harder to fall in love than it is to fall for the stars of my enemies." When her grandfather dies, Lindsay McFarland receives a mysteri...
  • wattys2016
  • lindsay
  • stars
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The God of Clay and Fennel Fire: A Retelling of The Golden Goose by VEGraham
The God of Clay and Fennel Fire: A...by VEGraham
No one wants to mess with a Greek God when he's upset. No one wants to deal with a Titan either. But Earth and Olympus are forced to choose sides as Zeus and Prometheus...
  • sacrifice
  • gaia
  • touch
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Highland by matthewzeitoun
Highlandby Matthew Zeitoun
Steven a spiderman working on Hollywood Boulevard contracts herpes from his sometimes friends with benefits Catwoman. Steven finds out through a transvestite prostitute...
  • herpes
  • highland
  • spiderman
Poetry by J.S. Clingman by jsclingman
Poetry by J.S. Clingmanby J.S. Clingman ~ A Child of God
Poetry by me. Cover by @CelticWarriorQueen17
  • weddings
  • acorn
  • poem
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Dance Moms Facts by we_tookachonce1828
Dance Moms Factsby we_tookachonce1828
In this book I will be writing about some 'Dance Moms' Facts 👯
  • highland
  • fan
  • lukasiak
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Massacre in the Mountains [COMPLETED] by Highland_Dancer
Massacre in the Mountains [COMPLET...by Historical Nerd
Cover by Alyssa_Chantre! When sixteen-year-old Johnnie, his twin sister Merida, and their friend Douglas hear about a gruesome raid, the unthinkable happens. The year is...
  • war
  • adventure
  • history
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The Actor's One & Only by dcostavidal
The Actor's One & Onlyby Vidal D'costa
Before the star, came the struggling actor. Before the wife, came the childhood bestie/ girlfriend. Before Hollywood and the suburbs, Ruth and Jack led a quaint life in...
  • scotland
  • highlands
  • actor
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Eternal Sun: The Story of Mathias' Transformation by ShariRichardson
Eternal Sun: The Story of Mathias'...by Shari Richardson
Here is your chance to meet Mathias and to learn how he came to be a vampire.
  • highland
  • home
  • mathias
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Hold your Head High.. by FightingDancer
Hold your Head High..by FightingDancer21
A story about a dancer overcoming adversity and making her dreams come true. ❤️
  • overcoming
  • motivation
  • dance
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Highlander Revealed by ZoeyQ94
Highlander Revealedby ZoeyQ94
Maria Cassidy, a normal - or not so normal - South African girl discovers a secret that her parents have kept for so long, but will it end in happiness?
  • highlands
  • revealed
  • scotland
The Durness lassies by hissy_missy
The Durness lassiesby hissy_missy
Donna and sue live in a small boring town called Durness up in the Scottish highlands. Their day was draining and empty until they found pieces of Their Friends dads sh...
  • highlands
  • scottish
  • strong
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