Chapter 23

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Chapter 23


                Robert had come in quaking, but before Artair’s eyes the male had transformed. It was as if he realised the image he must have portrayed and instead changed. Artair was sure it was to try and show him he was in charge under his own roof, but it was in fact a veneer painted on which Artair could see straight through. But he would give the male some credit, it was the least he could do, he really must have terrified him by calling upon him unannounced as he had. “I wish to know exactly who you are betrothed too, and what you gain from the match.” Giving part of the truth may get him the information he required.


                Robert snorted at the question. “Are you her guardian now MacKay? What is it to you?” The narrowed their eyes on each other and Robert was the first to back down, of course he was, did he really think that he could win against him? He had already failed once. Artair just watched as Robert’s face went a peculiar shade of red, and he puffed up even more, it reminded him of a little robin fluffing its feathers to get warm…it was really not intimidating in the slightest. He had to reign in the smile. Keeping his features schooled was becoming a test of his endurance.


                Robert stepped forward and pointed a blunt finger at him, if the male had taken a larger step towards him, or even touched him, then he would have more respect for him. But the rather wide gap between the end of Robert’s finger and his chest was extremely telling him his book. “Do not tell me MacKay that you do not know exactly who it is. Are you here to gloat that you somehow managed to get there first. That even if I am the one to marry her, you managed to use your wiles and stole her virtue from out of my grasp.”


                Artair had actually thought of that as a way of getting Robert to relinquish his claim…only he had found the idea distasteful. He could not do that to Rohesia and her honour. It was not just his lack of morals that would be questioned…if they would be at all. It would all be looked upon as Rohesia who was in the wrong and it would be she who suffered because of it. In fact it angered Artair that Robert would in fact mention that. It was obvious he had no idea who his intended truly was if that was in fact his first thought for his presence here.


                It most definitely removed the urge for him to smile.


                Taking a step forward himself, he saw the flash of fear skitter through Robert’s eyes, but to his grudging acceptance, he had to admit that Robert did not take a step back and it may have shown he had a little bit more backbone than he had thought. Not much, but a little bit more. “I do not know how you dare to disparage and humiliate your betrothed so. It shows just how little you know of her.” His very tone must have set off Robert not just his words. He puffed up impossible more. “If you think to insult me for my presumptions, then tell me what I am supposedly to know of my betrothed.” Belatedly he added, “And how it is you come to know this as well. If indeed you have not taken anything from her.” His expression said exactly what he had thought Artair had been doing with ‘his betrothed’.

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