Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

                Sheena? Who was Sheena? What was this man speaking of? Why was he looking at her like that? Was she safe with him?

He had just come from nowhere and saved her, but in saving her he had knocked two men out, and the others had fled with fear in their eyes.

What did he want with her? She edged a foot backwards, but as she completed the step, he took one forward, automatically following her as if refusing to leave any distance between them.

                Her eyes roamed his face, noting it was quite handsome, seeing the tiny crescent shaped scar dissecting his left eyebrow. His eyes a deep brown, a shade darker than his hair, which fell to his shoulders in soft waves. Not softening his harsh, strong jawline at all. She was sure his nose had been broken at some point, but it was a barely discernible bump, so it was impossible to tell if her conjecture was true or not. Yet, she could not imagine he had been born with such an imperfection when the rest of him was so perfectly proportioned. The tiny bump and the scar made him seem real. Rather than a vision before her, or a hero of old come to steal her away.

                Shaking herself mentally, she knew she was being foolish. This male obviously thought she was someone else, and as such he could hurt her. As the others had tried. The tops of her arms throbbed from their grips and she was sure that the bruises would bloom against her pale skin within the hour. Her flesh always showing any mark in a vicious array of colour. Breathing hard still, she could not stand the fact that he blocked the only way out with his large broad shoulders, and his solid stance.

                Her tongue darting out to wet her dry lips, unsure as to what to say, but unable to stay still she took another step backwards, to which he yet again took another step forwards. His eyes wide with disbelief as they roamed over her again and again. She trembled a little, both from shock and from the cold that was seeping back into her now the adrenaline was leaving her system. Her cloak had been lost in the struggle as she had been grabbed from behind. Alfred would be looking for her. She had disappeared once more without a word as to where she was going. But she refused to let him be the only one to work. He had been a servant to her father, and nearing his thirtieth summer. After catching her trying to sneak out of the Keep shortly after her father’s funeral, he had told her to stay another day and he would sort everything.

                She had not known who to believe, who to trust. But she had no choice. If she left without him, then there was a chance he would tell all where she had gone. She did not know if he was loyal to her father or her mother. But she had had no choice. To find him the next night packed and ready to be her guide and guard had had tears springing to her eyes. But he felt it his duty to work and keep her safe, but she was not the lady in the Keep anymore. She was here in Edinburgh, and until she could contact her grandmother’s family, she would have to help Alfred bring in enough for them to survive. Even if his pride was at stake, and her lack of skills were holding her back. She could embroider beautiful patterns, but there was not much need for that in the area of Edinburgh they had had to take lodgings in. She did not much care, for where they were, but food upon the table was of utmost importance.

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