Chapter 59

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AN - Only one or two chapters left of this book. I am extremely sad to be ending this book and Artair's story, but I know that I have done all I can for him. The next book has been started though. So, here is a chapter for you, but just warning that it is nearly over!! Enjoy, Az x

Chapter 59

Artair kept glancing from Sheena to Rohesia. The resemblance really was uncanny. He knew they looked alike, it was his first thought upon seeing Rohesia, but seeing them so close together was just...peculiar. With a start he realised this is what most people would think when he and Aonghus stood side by side. There were just a few more differences between the women than he and Aonghus it must be even more disconcerting for any who looked upon them. He had never really thought about it, he just suffered from the brunt of stares and starts for the majority of his life. Never really thinking of it as strange...until now. When he saw what everyone else saw in two other people.

Rohesia was rewrapping Sheena's arm, both having deduced that the break must be clean. Whilst Aonghus hovered over them, much to Sheena's glares. Though Artair had to admit that she must be in a great deal of pain. Especially after a rescue which had her knocking her arm against a cliff wall as she was pulled up from the ledge she had sat upon. Looking down at his nephew, he noted the young lad was a very puzzled expression as he too looked from his mother to his new aunt. As if he just could not work out the mystery that they presented. When Scottie eventually looked up at him, the lad was just confused. "Are they sisters as you and Da are brothers?"

He flashed a grin at his worried brother. "Aonghus?" The shout had Aonghus spinning to look at them, Artair reaching out as if to steady him as he wobbled a little too close to the edge once more for his liking. Realising a gust of breath as Aonghus looked a little paler than usual but caught himself to walk towards the. "Aye?" He ruffled his son's hair. "Your son has an interesting questions. Why don't you answer it?" With that he left the difficult explanations to Scottie with his father, and instead turned to have a difficult discussion with a just as perplexed Percival, Alfred and Father Thomas. He would rather not do this so close to an edge which could plummet them all to their deaths but until Rohesia was finished, and Sheena was comfortable they could not continue onward.

Rohesia had known she was real, but seeing and believing are two completely different thing. From the moment Sheena had come over the edge of the cliff, Rohesia had been in shock that everything she had experienced had in fact happened. From the moment Sheena's feet had touched the ground, despite the pain she was in, she had barrelled forward and pulled Rohesia, pulling back, obviously remembering her confusion over being able to her, to gush about how glad she was that Rohesia had found her way home. And for some reason Rohesia believed her, for something in her gut did tell her that she was on her way home. Reluctantly Sheena had released her and bobbed down and brought her son in for a quick squeeze, which he did not return, but only seemed to take in everything about her face, before turning once more to Rohesia to do the same. The poor lad just seemed so confused.

But at the tightening of Sheena's lips and her paleness had Rohesia worried. But she had not needed to say anything, Sheena already knew her body was at its limits. With a ruffle to her son's hair, she had stood. "You did really well Scottie. I am so very proud of you." He did not smile or show any pleasure in the compliment but he did pull his shoulders back a little, showing he had heard her words and did take them to heart. Before she turned to Rohesia once more. "I think I need a little help with my arm, my husbands did a good job considering we were inches from our deaths, but I would like it done a little better. If you do not mind?"

Rohesia had nodded to a small dip off the path on the opposite side to the cliff, as far away from the drop as possible. Taking the bag of bits and bobs father Thomas threw her way, she headed off to sit beside Sheena, wondering again how any of this could in fact be real. Had she in fact died, and all of this was purely a dream? No it was too cold for that. The moment Aonghus had been brought up he was straight on them, throwing an extra cloak around Sheena's shoulders, and fussing. Much to Sheena's chagrin. Rohesia decided right there and then that she was most definitely not going to get on her great aunts bad side...ever.

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