Chapter 44

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Chapter 44

"Senga?" The disbelief was plain to hear within Sheena's voice, but Rohesia could not believe the sight before her. Yet another that looked so similar to her they could have been triplets. Yet these two women before her had once actually been twins. In a beat of silence, everyone held their breath, until Sheena and Senga as one, ran towards one another. Hitting each other hard, and tumbling into the arms of the other. Grasping hard as if they were a life line. All she could think was that she was intruding upon a moment that was sacred. Family was the ultimate love, and between these women it glowed like an aura around them.

Taking a step backwards, she wrung her hands as she tried not to intrude upon the meeting which obviously meant a lot to the two women before her. Looking about her once more, she could not help herself from her gaze slowly making its way back to the twins again and again. A pang in her heart kept tugging and tugging as she realised that this was something she had missed in her life. She had never known the companionship of another child. Whilst there had been other children around her age, they were not of her level in society and never treated her as she had seen them with each other. It had meant they always had a little bit of a standoffish nature around her, so she had never had a closeness with any child that had anything close to what she saw before her.

The two slowly pulled apart and whispered together conspiratorially, as if they were never separated by time or age. Nothing of such seemed important at this moment. It was as if they had not spent a minute apart from each other. Rohesia watched as they lit up and bounced actions and words off of each other. The way she expected most twins would act and how Artair had explained his relationship with Aonghus, but seeing it in the flesh was a strange thing to comprehend. Taking another step back was the mistake that caused the attentions of Senga and Sheena to snap to her. But rather than being annoyed by the interruption, confusion passed through her as she saw them both grin widely in her direction. Sheena chuckled, "Rohesia, my twin Senga." The joy was plain to hear in her voice.

Though before she could reply, it was Senga who spoke. "Actually Sheena, I have met Rohesia before, but she was but a child then. She has turned into a beautiful and strong female. Definitely worthy of the family, not that she thinks that she is." Raising an eyebrow, Rohesia finally saw what she had missed and gasped. "No...It's just not possible."

Senga laughed as Sheena looked confused. "Oh Rohesia, with everything else that is going off, this is the one thing you cannot believe. Sheena, meet your great niece." Sheena did not looked particularly shocked at this revelation. "Rohesia, I am glad you have managed to find your way back to your spiritual home." The smile was gentle, the same she remembered that once when she was a small child. Her grandmother had gone back to live with family in Scotland after her father had taken over the role as Baron on her grandfather's death. It was not the usual thing to do, but Rohesia had never had the thought to question it. She had not been there except that once, and nothing more had really been thought about until her father had died, and she needed to find sanctuary. She shook her head to clear it, unable to fully understand what was being said. "I...really...but...I don't comprehend what you are saying."

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