Chapter 16

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Chapter 16


                There was so much to say, and Artair had a belief that Alfred was not going to listen long to his words before he decided to do something about his presence in this room. “You wish me to know something you have knowledge of? Yet all you speak is cryptic Scottish riddles.” Alfred really was sore on the fact he could not control Artair and his closeness to Rohesia at that very moment. Their hands still clasped tightly, as if they were merging together as one. He would not let her go now, and no English man was going to come between them, most assuredly not one who had already managed to get one hit in.


                Never again was the vow Artair made towards that final thought. But he would take anything, from anyone, no matter the pain or the outcome, if only it meant he could spend this time with her…Maybe without Alfred watching them of course.


                “Scottish riddles? Do’ya just not understand plain English man?” His nostrils flared as Artair watched him. “I said I had information for you, and I always keep my word. I will never lie, I may withhold a truth, but never deceive through the words I speak.” His voice was as hard as his words. He did not like being called out by an English man, especially one who did not have the truth of it himself.


                “I will have you know, whoever you think you are, that it is hardly fitting for me you sit here and believe the words of a male who has forced himself into the rooms belonging to a lady.”


                “Aye, I grant it is not fitting but, I did not know she was a lady. Nor would I have guessed from her abode and dress.” Turning he glanced at the female in question. Her stance and words left no doubt as to her birth right. She was every inch the lady, yet she did not wince or squeal and complain at the accommodations she was given, the life she was now living. And from what he had heard of her life so far, and her treatment from a woman who was supposed to be there to protect her from harm, he was not surprised she was content with the conditions she currently lived in.


                Alfred’s nostrils flared wide at the accusation in his tone and yet with only a flick of his gaze towards Rohesia, he did not speak of them, but instead spoke of another point he had picked out. “And how would you have reacted if you knew, indeed, that she was an English Lady?” The raised brow made Artair’s anger simmer once more beneath the surface. The male really was infuriating.


                “I would have gone through the proper channels to find out how to approach her…after than initial meeting.” He turned to gaze into the wide eyes Rohesia had turned on him. Making sure she could see his words, he continued. “For that first moment ruined me for all others. I have seen no one but you from that point. In fact, I look for you everywhere I go.” He paused a moment, and confessed something he had not wished to at this point, and definitely not in front of Alfred, let alone anyone else. “I was looking for you before I even found you that first day. I was trying to find the woman who caught my eye in glances and fleeting passes.” Reaching out he cupped the side of her face, to the sound of a rough growl from Alfred, which Rohesia could luckily not hear. “You were there before I knew it, and I cannot see a time when it will not be you I see.”

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